Figure 33 Peak Detect Waveform Because minimum and maximum values for a sample period are stored, you can use the Peak Detect acquisition mode to avoid waveform aliasing. Keep a damaged shipping container or cushioning material until you have inspected the contents of the shipment for completeness and have checked the oscilloscope mechanically and electrically. Amplitude To use cursors to measure amplitude parameters. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Index nonvolatile memory locations, Normal acquisition mode, 73 normal adjustment, 44 NTSC standard, 87, 88 Nyquist frequency, 56 Nyquist sampling theory, 66 O oscilloscope bandwidth, 67 oscilloscope bandwidth required, 70 oscilloscope display, 30 oscilloscope rise time, 69 oscilloscope sample rate, 69 oscilloscope setups, saving and loading, overshoot measurement, overvoltage category, P package contents, 18 PAL standard, 87, 88 parallel cursors, passive probes, 18 pattern trigger, 8. To clear automatic measurements from the display 1 Press [Measure].

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Page 84 3 Capturing Data To force a trigger To make an acquisition even if no valid trigger has been found: Become familiar with the Front Panel Controls 26 Step 8. Page 68 3 Capturing Data 0dB Attenuation -3dB fN fS Frequency Figure 27 Theoretical Brick-Wall Agileht Response However, digital signals have frequency components above the fundamental frequency square waves are made up of sine waves at the fundamental frequency and an infinite number of odd harmonicsand typically, for 1 Ghz bandwidths and below, oscilloscopes have a Gaussian frequency response.

Inspect the package contents 1 Inspect the shipping container for damage.

Please assign your manual to a product: Appears on the menu when the test is stopped; press Operate to run the test. Specifications Table 6. The oscilloscope has internal, nonvolatile memory locations for saving and recalling waveforms and setups.


Used Keysight (Agilent) Technologies DSOA Oscilloscope, MHz, 4 Channel | MATsolutions

Posted on Dec 11, Be the first to answer. Measurement Features Table The model number is: The oscilloscope also has rectangular USB host ports on its front and back panel to which you can connect a USB drive for saving and recalling data. Measurements are continuously updated. Page Saving, Recalling, and Printing Data 5 4 To specify whether oscilloscope parameters be saved along with the screen, press Para Save to toggle between on and off.

Making Measurements 4 Making Cursor Measurements You can use the [Cursors] front panel key to select between these cursor measurement modes: Agilent a Omni-ber Communications Performance -1 Questions.

dso1024aa Figure 38 Trigger Holdoff To specify a trigger holdoff: The frequency counter is not available in the Alternate trigger mode.

Page 87 Capturing Data 5 Press Source and continue pressing the softkey or turn the knob to select the waveform to trigger on: Vertical controls Vertical position knobs, vertical scale knobs, channel [1], [2], etc.

Accesses the previous page of items in the menu.

Showing Results for Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) DSO1024A

The frequency scale is displayed on the screen. When acquisitions are stopped, the last acquisition is displayed.

What you want to measure and your source waveform characteristics help determine which window to use. Become familiar with the Front Panel Controls Before using the oscilloscope, familiarize yourself with the front dso124a controls. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

When the agileht starts to acquire a waveform, it collects enough data so that it can draw the waveform to the left of the trigger point. Displaying Data 2 To specify a bandwidth limit When high frequency components of a waveform are not important to its analysis, the bandwidth limit control can be used to reject frequencies above 20 MHz.


Posted on Dec 19, Be the first to answer. Operating to 4, m 15, ft Non-operating to 15, m 49, ft Vibration: Contents Securing the Oscilloscope 2 Displaying Data 33 35 Using the Horizontal Controls 36 To adjust the horizontal scale 37 To adjust the horizontal position 38 To display the zoomed time base 39 To change the horizontal time base Y-T, X-Y, or Roll To view the sample rate 42 40 Using the Vertical Controls 43 To turn waveforms on or off channel, math, or reference To adjust the vertical scale 44 To adjust the vertical position 44 To specify channel coupling agilebt To specify a bandwidth limit 47 To.

Keysight Technologies / Agilent Technologies DSO1024A

Power Switch 19 Figure 2. Page 29 Getting Started 1 Returns to the previous menu in the hierarchy. Page Oscilloscope Utility Settings 6 Performing Mask Tests The mask test function monitors waveform changes by comparing the waveform to a predefined ds1o024a. Page dso10024a Capturing Data 3 Choosing the Acquisition Mode The osilloscope can operate in normal, average, or peak detect acquisition modes.

Access the built-in help The oscilloscope has built- in quick help information.