Is it lagging as well? But in the mean time they are also fishing for problems. Index User list Search Register Login. Some issues have been down to user stupidness, but I have a couple issues that maybe other AlphaTrack users can advise with or Azslow3 might be able to advise. I thought it was installed automatically with the drivers.

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At least not with 8 faders at once.

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support

Perhaps it is fixed. Thanks for widnows info Azslow3 and thank you for the AZ Controller without which there would be no point in this old device in Sonar now.

Thanks for the heads up. Thanks, glad to know it’s possible. Some issues have been down to user stupidness, but I have a couple issues that maybe other AlphaTrack users can advise with or Azslow3 might be able to advise.

Frontier AlphaTrack on Windows 10 –

I have one and it works. Any other AT users seeing the same thing?? Didn’t take any significant steps to get the driver working, but please note that wnidows original Sonar plugin from Frontier is effectively useless at this point. Essentials Only Full Version. Had it working in windows 10 before I upgraded my system to windows 10 pro. How do I get around that?


Frontier Design Group

It might have been fine on mine with windows 8 being installed and not 8. I’m testing a new build of Windows 7 bit and Cubase 5. Please also download and review the two Logic documents below for installation and use information.

Note however that disabling the tray alphatradk made zero difference for me. Sometimes it is very responsive, but other times I need alphaatrack click everything twice to get what I want e. Plug-ins Adobe Audition 2.

This is a good thing too. Pro Tools Layout v1.

Fader here makes no noise except when it’s doing something it’s supposed to, and then it’s kind of fair-to-middling quiet. There is a link to a comprehensive installation guide below. You may have to use the Device Manager’s “Activities Scan for hardware changes” command to trigger Win7 to recognize the hardware after you’ve run the installer. I don’t run the Alphatrack tray application, it isn’t needed when you use the plug-in. If I unplug, the crashes disappear.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? My Tranzport works perfect in Win So the workaround assuming you won’t want to switch the AlphaTrack from native mode is to prevent the AlphaTrackApplet from running, which you can do by deleting the following registry key and rebooting:.


I also get the crash not always but have persisted with alphatrack as it is only on shutdown so doesn’t affect use. Forums Posts Latest Posts. This windoww the reason why I removed the AlphaTrack from my setup and will get something else to replace it. It takes valuable time and money to build drivers properly.

Thank you all for your help! I might get it if the bidding doesn’t get too high!

I can vouch for the fact that Azslow’s plugin and the preset he developed for the Alphatrack – with a teeny tiny bit of help from me, testing as it went along since he aplhatrack have a device – works a charm. And 1 can be related. User Control Panel Log out.