Thanks for all your help already. Third party vendors may license this package for distribution. Results 1 to 13 of It’s probably the reason I’m having this problem. I tried the one you mentioned but it’s not for x64 and won’t install.

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I asked a lot of people and was participating in a thread adpi someone started at the Microsoft Windows x64 forum about Vista x64 vs XP Pro x64 and the MVP’s all said that XP Pro x64 was going to be the up and coming os. Finally, on the last attempt, it installed.

I just went through that with XP Pro x64 this week and it took me a long time to find what I needed. When I decided to format back to XP Pro x64, it wouldn’t do it with my first 3 attempts.

This ASPI layer is available via a licensing agreement to any company who wishes to distribute it with their product.

Thanks for your opinions and advice. I did a search for them, using “look in system and hidden folders” sinxp there were no results for either wnaspi ASPI drivers version 4.


ASPI DRIVER FIX for Windows 2000 and Windows XP

The command should look like: Use ASPI version 4. Thanks for all your help already. All in one converter for x64 systems? No, I didn’t proceed with the installation after it wouldn’t install. Come to find out, Lightscribe won’t work with x64 os.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: ASPI Driver for Windows version Download Detail

The only original parts of this pc left are the hdd and case. Well, I formatted to Vista x64 and it was a disaster. I tried the one you mentioned but it’s not for x64 and won’t install. When I opened it, my XP Pro x64 disk was shattered into about 8 to 10 pieces and one of the nibs that holds DVDs in the drive was broken off.

ASPI for XP x64 – VideoHelp Forum

Adaptec provides this software without charge and as a courtesy to Adaptec product users but offers no technical support regarding this software.

I bought a BenQ Lightscribe. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid The version you are about to download is a generic version and not designed to qinxp with every device.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Do you know what bugs me the most? It’s taken me 2 days. Modem 56k – 1 minutes, 4 seconds DSL k – 0 minutes, 14 seconds T1 1.


Results 1 to 13 of I have to stay with x I’ve been cleaning up the damage ever since and I think I have things under control now. All times are GMT It wouldn’t install my mobo’s software, it wouldn’t let me install a lot of programs because “a file is missing,” I couldn’t asppi anything because nothing could install in the first place, it wouldn’t install the drivers I need for my SATA asspi card, and several more problems that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

At this time Adaptec is allowing the download of this file without regard to ownership of retail Adaptec Products. See our Vendor Licensing Information to find out how. It’s probably the reason I’m having this problem.