Plus, with the brute grunt of the GeForce2 behind it, it’s possible to use the visually superior “page flip” mode, and retain a good frame rate. There’s no easy way to tell when a video card fan bearing’s seized, or the fan’s been jammed by an errant cable, or something. ASUS promote it as “dynamic overclocking”, after all. By far the best supporting material I’ve seen packaged with a graphics board. Partly because the support software had incompatibilities galore and a lousy interface, and partly because of the clunky glasses, which despite their little foam nose pads tend to be quite uncomfortable, difficult to line up with the eyes, and a lot heavier than Buddy Holly’s nerdiest frames.

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Asus V Software Driver, Continued. Heatsink-and-fan chip coolers can’t cool the device to which they’re attached to a temperature below the temperature of the air that surrounds the cooler. Isn’t it overprice for this 3D po If a program isn’t able to switch to the desktop properly – which is the case with a lot of games – then SmartDoctor may make demons fly out of your nosefor all you know.

This is not surprising because they have done this in the past, with the “Deluxe” version of their V and V cards.

Getting 3D vision working properly in all of your games will be a bit fiddly at best and may be impossible at worst, as dual-viewpoint graphics drivers still aren’t renowned for their compatibility.

Asus is one such company and will be appearing on shelves sometime soon. Asus V Software Driver, Continued If you’re as strict on having a particular refresh setting in all resolution and color depths then this option screen will be a blessing to you as well.

ASUS V Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

It won’t work any better, but then again it doesn’t need to. In both cases we used maximum quality settings trilinear filtering, maximum level of geometry detailing, texture quality was set to 4.


There is, at the moment, nothing on the market that can beat the GeForce2 for consumer PC 3D graphics, though 3dfx will pretty much match it with their upcoming, similarly priced Voodoo 5 cards. Plus, with the brute grunt of the GeForce2 behind azus, it’s possible to use the visually superior “page flip” mode, and retain a good frame rate.

You can download movies of the various new demos from herebut not the demos themselves; some GeForce2 boards come with them, but the Leadtek and ASUS offerings asks. The faster you run a chip, the more heat it’ll generate. You’re actually required by the WinBench license agreement to publish test system information, but I guess it doesn’t count when you’re just making numbers up, as the NVIDIA marketing people obviously are. Which was a hair slower for the simpler game, and only 6. It lets you grab clips in various formats, or even set the video input to be the Windows background.

But at least it lets you crank the clocks past the excessively conservative limits set by the ASUS overclock utility. Well, it lets you try to overclock that far, agp-v77700. In a poorly ventilated case, the heat from the CPU can make a significant difference to the inside temperature, and that’s assuming that the CPU itself doesn’t overheat. Balanced design increases overall system performance. If you set the memory to supernumerary frequencies, the performance gain will be much more.

It might be using the relatively glacial setting that’s normally used when the computer’s idle; maybe it’s using the somewhat faster 2D-application setting. Some people might not appreciate this but I certainly did as it answered many questions that I feel most people would care to know about when tweaking their video driver. Windows 98 SE 4. By far the best supporting material I’ve seen packaged with a graphics board.


Which is a lot for a graphics card, but not actually all that steep for a GeForce2. And since there’s no point using higher resolutions than by when xsus outputting to the fuzzy screen of a TV most Pto encoders don’t even work with higher resolutionsand the frame rate can’t possibly be higher than 60 frames per second for NTSC or 50 frames per second for PALthe GeForce2’s very expensive ability to fill gigantic numbers of pixels per second is completely wasted on such a task.

Carmack are reccomending this board, you can feel confident that upcoming games will be playing very well on it.

ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

The hotness of the average computer case can lead to overheating problems, especially when people start overclocking their hardware. The next little test I had was to measure the heat on the back aaus the die using my laser thermometer and compare it to the displayed measurement in Smart Doctor. This board belongs to High-End class and is intended for hardcore gamers. You understand that GeForce2 Ultra based cards are not intended for the mass market, so the price is appropriate besides, there is no any other competitors.

There is also a blank space for a connector for digital monitors. Let’s start with 2D-graphics. The fan failure alert is a nice feature, though.