Since the Behringer driver does not work in Windows x64, you have to connect each one to a midi port. It’s a bit more detailed but it might help you nonetheless. Now you will have 2 BCF working with Sonar. This is a good sign!!! Now press the ‘Configure Layout” button again to save the layout settings and exit the window. It is this void that the BCF fills with style.

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Next you will select the operating mode by turning the PUSH encoder number 1. Assign a dedicated knob, fader or key to your most frequently used functions and make edits without touching the mouse. You can use the driver that came with the unit or download a version from Behringer: Remember, BCF view must be turned on prior to opening Sonar so that you may identify the channels being assigned to the second BCF I’m really at my wits end and if anyone can make suggestions, I would be so immensely appreciative.

SOLVED: Using Multiple BCF2000 Controllers with Windows XP x64

Join Iwndows Oct Posts The channel number will, in most cases, allow you to config your button in the event you have conflicting button, such as a button using the same CC and channel number.

Redefine how you make music. Best of all, discover just how awesome MIDI can be! As soon as the reset is over, You BCF goes into play mode and current preset is displayed. This will put the unit into Global Edit Mode.


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Send a private message to Paco All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Now press the ‘Configure Layout” button again to save the layout settings and exit the window. Very important, all the this information is for resolving a conflicting button. Find More Posts by Curranproducer. To edit a button simply hold the xl button down and move the controller you want to edit, it will display it’s CC address.

While software-based music creation has done much to eliminate the bulky inconvenience of hardware rigs, it has left a void in the realm of tactile, real-time control. Find More Posts by Paco The top row of rotary knobs on BCF becomes your editing encoders.

Send a private message to Curranproducer. I am a musician, not a computer specialist. Here are the details. To understand what’s really going on you have to think of the buttons and sliders as “places” and as such a “place” needs and street and house number.

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This button places the controller in Sonar mode. I would assume this will work for as many midi ports that you have.

I was able to get 3 BCF controllers working channels Now, however, the unit has stopped responding to the volume changes made with the mouse in the channel window and likewise the faders don’t adjust the volume bdf2000 playback the way they used to. The eight 8 endless bdf2000 encoders, each with a element LED indicator, have a special push-to-set function that allows you to select, adjust and control a myriad of functions.


It’s suggested to try and use the ‘Windows’ driver first, then use the Behringer driver if the Windows Driver doesn’t work.

Help with BCF I’m really at my wits end and if anyone can make suggestions, I would be so immensely appreciative. Sometimes you might have to change the channel number to resolve a conflict, but in most cases you’ll never have to change the CC number and I don’t recommend you change any CC number.

I’ve tried holding down the top button, third from left, and rebooting, but this seems to do nothing.

You will need Midi in and Midi out. Ok, that was dreadful, but I figured I could just pull out the footswitch, and I’d just have to live without this little convenience, it was clearly beyond me.