These steps download data from the software DVD to your hard-drive. Provides flexibility for data transfer Lithium-ion battery- and easy to engage standby button: Process is now complete. Other control unit diagnosis products. TPA – New! Cut and Paste or Type the release code into the area provided in ESI[tronic] release code below is an example.

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Bosch KTS 570 Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic Scan Tool

Only those modules subscribed to will function. Another reason to buy one piece of this great laptop to the garage: Click New to Start the Bluetooth ktz configuration 9.

Haven’t seen any pincodes for that, but will check for that in KTS box. After You have plugged in bluetooth stick it’s coming up with asking for PIN code or when it does tht?

To add a module, use your mouse bosxh drag the module name from the left column to the right column. When entering the ID.

The resistive touchscreen display makes the DCU flexible, easy to use and responds promptly to any input. b,uetooth

Bosch KTS Bluetooth USB Dongle for 540 and 570

It too works great with VAS To access this number, do the following: For the full functionality of this website cookies are needed. The Data-download window will appear.


After the system reboots you should have the Bluetooth Manager Icon displayed on your desktop. Start DDC bluetooth stick hosch plugged in and installed ; 2.

If your subscription is for Diagnostic software only A, C12 your update screen should look like this: A sound card must be installed for the program to operate correctly.

Follow the onscreen instructions to generate a release code. The Quick Start Guide will assist you in the initial setup and configuration to make sure that your initial experience will be as smooth as possible. I assume I don’t need stick or I need some?

In the upper bluetooht corner, confirm language is set to English or to the language of your Windows operating system. Double Click the DDC icon. Confirm the appropriate settings are checked, as in the figure below and Click Continue.

These steps should be done after the software is released on the PC. That is for adding bluetooth adapters to computer etc.

If you wish to load the Archive information to your hard drive, drag it from the left column to the right column at this time. Comfort cookies These cookies bsoch additional functionality or make the website easier to use.


Bosch DDC KIT Installation guide |

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Firmware Update will not work wirelessly — unit must be connected via USB. Procedure to connect KTS: I have tried everything and it is not possible to connect it without Toshiba stick.

Control unit diagnosis: KTS

HOWEVER it is recommended you follow the instructions below as they allow you to confirm the original installation was done correctly. Use the up and down arrows to make your selection. Targeting cookies These cookies are used to customize information and advertising to your interests based on the content you have visited before.

Features of DCU