Request a new review. Dangit, now I want it back. Log in or Sign up. Sort by most recent most useful. I use a carbon battery with the DT. They really take a vintage dimension riffs or solos! Aug 11, 4.

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MikeyVonAug 10, Anyone have experience with this pedal? MikeyVonAug 11, I play in a big band with a 2nd guitarist, transmittdr and occasional sax. Aug 11, 9. It isn’t rack mountable as it’s a stomp box.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Aug 11, Dangit, now I want it back. The Hoof is amazing.

Aug 11, 8. I like your moniker.

EQD Dirt transmitter

It’s not the most versatile fuzz in the world, but you can definitely get a good amount of varying tones with the transmittwr parameters.

Your name or email address: I would do times this choice and also if I had done it before, it would have saved me buying a Supersonic Fuzz Gun and Soul Bender The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Our members also liked: The pedal has 4 knobs: My setup is simple and my Hoof and Scarab have no problems cutting through the mix whatsoever. One day, it was very quiet and sounded good.


It’s simple, I managed to get the sound of “Satisfaction” by the Stones, the sound on the David Gilmour’s solo song “Time” or more sounds used by the Queen of the Stone Age for you Locate a little And originality, just put the knob “bias” minimum and here I am with a velcro fuzz the most beautiful effect. The Dirt Transmitter does not leave my pedalboard like his sis, the Hoof Fuzz I reserve rhythmic trwnsmitter as a boost to single coil.

Aug 11, 6. Maybe I should have mine looked at. They really take a vintage dimension riffs or solos!

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The Dirt Transmitter is a fuzz pedal built around transistors germaniums and Silicone. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Log in or Sign up.

I had one for a bit and it was really cool for that “ripping Velcro” huge sound. If you’ve ever used any rransmitter of distortion, fuzz, or overdrive pedal before, you’ll notice that this is a fairly recognizable make up. A great success and a huge blow of heart!


Earthquaker Devices Dirt Transmitter Fuzz Guitar Pedal Microphone | eBay

I’ll whip it out again and see what’s up. The Dirt Transmitter is a great fuzz that I can not do without in the future. The foot is the size of a MXR therefore rather small, which is an undeniable advantage in pedalboard provided.