Home Articles Articles Detail. Load paper in the rear tray. For details on changing the network configuration, refer to the documentation for your wireless LAN router. Make sure the loaded paper is correct. For some errors, a support code error number appears.

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Press the Stop button to cancel copying.

Universal canon 5200f 12V 1 25A PA-13C with needle Tsinghua UniSol e48 scanner power adapter

If the cover is open, close it. Failed in registering the printer to Google Cloud Print due to timeout. Original is not placed on the platen glass or the original cannot be scanned. If paper is jammed: Press the printer ‘s OK button. The printer will not reprint the page that was printed when the cover is opened.

The error scaner appears on the LCD one by one.

Make sure the original is placed on the platen glass. Press the printer ‘s OK button to continue printing. If the above does not resolve the problem, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the wireless router. Cannot connect because multiple wireless routers are connecting to the printer.


How to Scan/Find Missing Channels on GOtv & other solved Problems

Pull down the tape to remove the protective material. Change them when you are not using LAN. Cancel printing and turn off the printer. Press the printer ‘s OK button, and then follow the actions below.

Canon Knowledge Base – List of Error Codes / Support Codes – TS

Check the LAN connection and network settings. If the error is not resolved, use another method to set up wireless LAN.

After installing, close the cover. After checking the above, perform operations again. If you want to continue printing without this function, press the printer’s Stop button for at least 5 seconds.

Plug in the printer again and turn it back on. Only information registered to the printer is deleted because of failing to connect Google Cloud Print.

The function for detecting the remaining ink level will be disabled. Align the paper guide with the paper stack when you load paper. If you are performing setup with WPS: Important The original that is smaller than 1.


How to Scan/Find Missing Channels on GOtv * Errors Solved!

Check the security settings and perform setup again. Install the appropriate ink cartridge. Solution If an error occurs in printing, for example if the paper runs out or jams, scanneer troubleshooting message appears automatically. Make sure FINE cartridge holder motion is not impeded by stabilizer, jammed paper, etc.

Take the appropriate action described in the message. Make sure your printer is registered. Press the printer ‘s Black or Color button to resolve the error. If you are using Google Cloud Printit is possible that your printer is not registered.