The boards are very similar, both shipping with MB DDR unified memory for frame buffer and textures. You should use your target cards for developing your game. In contrast, SPECviewperf incorporates rapid state changes, or OpenGL calls for texture, lighting or blending changes that influence how triangles are actually rendered, which is closer to how OpenGL applications really work. So what are the implications for the customer? Our testing will give you a good idea as to the basic 3D geometry and rendering performance across a range of different workstation application categories, and you may find that one of the lower cost or mid-priced boards is quite suitable for your application, or possibly even better at various operations than the higher cost boards. Their new parent company does not interfere with their traditional areas of expertise.

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Not much has changed for the FireGL developers in Starnberg. Ok so you’re saying that this card will not be a very good solution for game development. ATI takes the most reasonable course, which is to default to synch always off. Our artists, on the other hand, might benefit from something like a FireGL, or Wildcat, or something like that, because they work in 3dxmax, Lightwave, etc.

Oh yeah, and compare apples to apples, not apples to pears! Also noteworthy was that the FireGL was the only board with an OpenGL rendering viewport smaller than the maximum display resolution.

They also support DirectX 8. As shown in Figure 1, you can only enable or disable the overlay planes, force a copy swap, and wait for vertical retrace.

We spend a fair amount of words describing some of the basic problems we encountered with thecompared to other boards. Accordingly, it appears that the new drivers are not a rising tide that lifts all boats in the harbor, but very targeted changes designed specifically to improve SPECviewperf 7.


Running and XP, respectively but, gawds, opnegl still have to test on 98 every so often. In the first test, the benchmark spins a motorcycle consisting of about 22, fully independent triangles, and dynamically lights, fogs and texture maps all triangles, measuring frame rate and then computing triangles per second.

OpenGL 3D Graphics Boards – Page 5 of 13 – ExtremeTech

I have a GeForce2Go and a Radeonbecause those two cards nicely bracket our current target machines. To use a football analogy, the raw tests tell us which team fregl the strongest and fastest players.

This first segment covers low-level performance characteristics, while Part II looks at application performance and stability, and Part III focuses on dual monitor features and performance.

Maximum accelerated double-buffered color depth per monitor.

Seems like something a lot of folks may want to do. In the second, it draws an overlapping screen of pixels that are trilinear MIP-Mapped, fogged, dynamically lighted, Gouraud shaded, and Z-buffered, and then pushed through the pipeline see Figure 4. To support this hardware intensive configuration, the Wildcat requires an AGP Pro 50 slot, with the bracket and heat sinks taking up the adjoining PCI slot.

The benefit of the additional performance and solid drivers certified for professional apps may not be worth the additional dollars for the average joe, but for a company with professional developers or artists working with apps like maya and the like I would certainly recommend getting the instead of a as the additional cost is negiable compared openhl the cost of the engineer or artist that’s going to use it.

Adapting this chip for use in the OpenGL marketplace may be easier said than done. Creative, which turned its back on the graphics business not long ago, not only wants opengp supply the desktop and mainstream markets with NVIDIA graphics cards, but also wants to cover the OpenGL workstation segment with Wildcat cards from the 3Dlabs division. However, even though the hardware is ready, the drivers will still need some time to mature.


Developing for games on a CAD card is probably not a great idea, because some of the popular games features like texture compression might not even be available. We oepngl with wireframe playback, and move to shaded playback, and then facet shading playback.

OpenGL w/ FireGL | guru3D Forums

That is, you can run one OpenGL application in each monitor to the maximum single monitor resolution with no problem. All other boards track with their raw capacities. I wouldn’t recommend a normal gamer or hobbyist coder to buy it, but for professional developers I don’t see what’s so stupid about buying it. In contrast, SPECviewperf incorporates rapid state changes, or OpenGL calls for texture, lighting or blending changes that influence how triangles are actually rendered, which is closer to how OpenGL applications really work.

We also used the common SPEC workstation application test suites along with their most recent Viewperf 7. Note that we run application tests in Part II. Also significant is that the FireGL uses 4-bit precision during sub-pixel rendering calculations, which produced misalignment artifacts in 3ds max as shown in Figure 2.

OpenGL w/ FireGL 8800

While there’s compatibility testing in QA, you’d be surprised at the things you’ll miss unless you have your nose in the actual target hardware every day. The fireGL with it’s drives is not made for games.

I agree with Humus it all depends on what you are going to do with the card.