L while walking at first. Same for the effects and auxiliaries. Being let go a little touch of the mouse to control it enjoyable trs. I would do without this purchase hsiter. This is the day and night compared to our old equipment. The automation of faders is nice trs. No noise Automation of the 9 faders blameless Everything works perfectly with the supplied Cubase.

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Automation in cubase be sfacile to install, ditto in logic and final cut. The Tawcam fontions merely drive the equalizer of Cubase. Each of the channels has a fader, a gain knob, as well as solo, mute, and selection buttons. Pro tools for the control passes through the fire wire even if you do not use the audio interface. A control surface HUI mode that takes the match without the essential functions of the command 8but can also be ordered Final Cut, which has a stand alone mode, and an audio interface 10 entries!

In the past days I worked on HUI, and command No audible breath in my ear However, considering this price and the overall make up of the unit, I would imagine fw-10822 users aren’t looking for the world when it comes to the pres.


The control surface is tascqm complete I regret a few incompatibilities with SX but quibble a bit, there are ways to control it all The connection is sufficient for a home studio application. Before you cry foul, I tried it with a laptop. What I appreciate most is the eight independent inputs. There is a three band assignable EQ built in, which can be applied to any of the channels, as well as built in panning. The automation of faders is nice trs.


SOUNDS The sound of the converters is really enough for home recording, you can honestly get a quality tascaj in the coupling to a good microphone preamp.

This is definitely your gain if you’re in the market for an audio interface and mixer combination, as this is a great deal as of right now.

APRs have read and reread the instructions you understand pretty quickly how to work 3 modes.

TASCAM Fw-1082 FireWire Control Surface & Interface FW1082

FireWire sometimes bizarre behavior. For building a small home studio around and getting some demos and basic recordings done, the Tascam FW will certainly do the job It can handle 32 tracks on cubase moving from one bank to another. They come through pretty clear, but they are bit too transparent and lack the depth that I would look for in a set of good pres.

Chez Moi refuses any other ring road on the firewire port, and it is better to light the tascam before the PC for it to be recognized.

Tascam FW | Downloads

Worse than a MOTU for example. Fe Anyway, a channel strip plugged into spdif overcomes the problem at a fww-1082 cost Although it have the width of a rack unit, rack ell t is not on. No noise Automation of the 9 faders blameless Everything works perfectly with the supplied Cubase. Did you find this review helpful? The value for money seems excellent.


The fw1082 is a soundcard which control surface and MIDI inteface, there is also the number of entries: Write a user review Ask for a user review. I’ll tell you more It physically connects the input to output The great happiness: SOUNDS The sound of the mic pres on the Tascam FW is about average, and while it will definitely get the job ffw-1082 for small home studio recording, don’t expect all too much from them.

It is less then lost when the device in his hands.

All user reviews for the Tascam FW-1082

It requires not to use these four inputs simultaneously a micro condenser and dynamic – tasccam possible if the symmetric and – Mode “monitor mix” difficult to take the whole orchestra if there is a battery, a singer, two guitar and keyboard. Exceptional value for money for the FW motor.

Having said this, it still has a lot of features to work with, and it will take a bit of use to understand everything and to use fe-1082 to its full potential. The Tascam FW is a digital mixer and audio interface combined.