After seeing some of what is out there that normal people use I thought many of the setups I’ve seen so far only belonged in dedicated computer centers at large corporations , I’ve been dialed down a notch. Sun Oct 22, 2: Next I’m going to alter the setup to host a website out to the internet. It should look like this: Netscape 7 – x – XP Pro. I’m not going to shut down every time I want to play a game or do some coding.

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Server runs Debian Sarge btw. Thanks for the feedback, guys And that would be US dollars These are ALL of my games. The fix is in the ACT but I don’t wk2 the game to test to see if it works.

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B500 Samba, SSH, mt-daap. It is however connected to a high gain antenna pointed at my colleges wireless cloud: My pic will soon be on here onc ei have my camera Thanks, I got the Netvista case on ebay about 10 years ago. When I finish building my garage, they will live in there.


That fan is no longer in use, and I’m thinking of instead cutting up the faceplate and adding two large mm fans to cool the entire machine instead. No, it doesn’t over-heat at all. When I am travel around, I can get to all my files on this server if I need something.

Recently I bought a new case for my desktop, and thus the server would be upgraded to that one. Normally the lid is closed, it’s a nice low-power server.


Aug 3, Posts: It is free, completely private, and I don’t have to worry about my children putting a copyrighted music files on the server. Jun 4, Posts: Web hosting is w22k very expensive.

Hey DosFreak, what’s this QfixApp you mentionnned for some of those games? I also added a second front mm fan. Ok this is really my server About 6 months to a year ago I started checking my speeds, and it has been going up until it is where it is now.

If anyone wants to know the parts Ill edit this post. All of this is running Ubuntu 8.

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Wonderful connection, has rarely failed me in the last five years. I just wouldn’t enjoy it very much! I have a case from a Dell PowerEdge SC that will soon be operational again too, but that’s for another day and another time.


It’s currently down right now. Nikon Coolpix P Dec 26, My speeds are horrible.

Hard firewall running IPCop. Just don’t be looking at it while you’re drinking soda and somebody tells you a good joke!

==>> 1TB High-performance Fail-safe Raid for HD/W2K G-speed Es Pro Spare

Skippy Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: I do not host webpages. QfixApp does not work.

I’ll have to do that when I finally take reasonably good pics of my entire setup. HAHA yes iv moved out now lol here are all my computers yes i no there not as fancy as all of your rackmount servers etc but myn does the trick p.