Now is the time to start pushing buttons on the Casio. Let me know what you find. I don’t know your level of understanding of MIDI How long the cable is. Music Creator 6 Touch. This is the first connector in the device. What I get is ilan ilan-laptop:

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Logilink UA Adp USB to Midi In-Out – (Components

Last edited by HorribleFate ; Apr 12, Last edited by U0037 ; Apr 11, 7: Email me a link to this page for later. As per all the tutorials etc I have read done I hit record then play some music yet nothing shows up in the track, not a sausage of data to be seen.

Faulty items can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Does anyone have an onother idea?

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. These plugins may place cookies on your device. I just plug everything in and start up jack and all the apps and start patchage and point and click to connect everything the way I want.


Tap Max Output Level: Start a New Discussion. Again, my question is: Read more about our privacy policy. Intel [HDA Lohilink, device 1: Never thought it can be such a big problem to transfer data properly from a keyboard to a computer I must say I am running the easypeasy ubuntu version on an eee PC, but for midi recording only this should work.

Ardour plays its audio output fine, so I know my hardware is OK. To record your keyboard The first error in the list says you are using a hub Let me know what you find.

Midi is data and NOT audio music. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

LOGILINK Adapter USB 2.0 > Midi

I tried the commands given by u0a037 but I got a different error message. Some vst’s are not multi timbral. Apr 11, 3: Don’t have the manual for it anywhere, as I didnt get it brand new, it was a hand-me-down from someone who bought a shiny new one but doesnt do MIDI stuff at all.

Any idea what I can do? The telling comments are: Every time I press 2 keys at once on the keyboard MC6T doesn’t recognize that I logiilnk playing the keys. In other words, they’re not meant to be played with more than one note at a time.


To me it seems like Cakewalk just isn’t hearing the keyboad, even tho the interface and the taskbar indicator are.

[ubuntu] can I use midilink usb-midi cable [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I’m using Ubuntu 9. Yep, just a couple of scales. Which version of Ubuntu are you using? My old Roland has a number of different midi settings that have to be set up correctly to transmit the proper data. Connector and sockets can be ‘male’ or ‘female’, or gender purpose of product.