Verify that the fault is cleared and reassemble the phone with the new display module. Telephone exhibits poor reception or erratic operation such as calls frequently dropping or weak or distorted audio. Service personnel should be familiar with electronic assembly, testing, and troubleshooting methods, and with the operation and use of associated test equipment. If these are charging properly, then the internal charger is at fault. In fact, it has became my new best friend and my companion when i’m bored. Carefully lift and remove the front housing from the phone. The first phones were released in early

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The various model designations are for different markets and case styles.

Motorola SLVR L7

Ensure the coaxial connector is positioned on the slot. It’s interesting, it’s addictive.

Camera connector o Figure Replace the battery cover as described in the procedures. The display, camera, speaker, the key keypad, transceiver Printed-circuit Board PCBmicrophone, charger, headphone connectors, and power button are contained within the candy bar form-factor housing.

Get this L7, makes everyone looks slimmer ya know!? Now dun even start asking “why buy a motorola?! I am still wondering why.


There is also a quad-band World Version of the L7 available internationally, which comes without the iTunes software. Software Upgrade and Flexing Contact your local technical support engineer for information about equipment and procedures for flashing and flexing. Lift the transceiver PC board completely out of the phone. Keypad Alignment pin Front housing o Figure Girls would have no problem getting it out from the phone with just a finger nail push; but guys with big fat fingers would be slightly harder.

Press the top of the battery into the battery compartment. Instead, the standard Motorola Digital Audio Player is included. Remove the flex from the chassis Left the keypad PC board away from the phone.

Ringtones can, however, be transferred using free software, called BitPim. Hold the side of the display module near the flex cable away from the chassis assembly.

It contains all service information required for motoslvt equipment described and is current as of the printing date.

To function properly they must first open. I am quite an idiot when it comes to phones. If fault is not cleared, proceed to b. Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for Motorola, Inc. Replace only with the same type of battery or equivalent as recommended by the battery manufacturer.


And you can’t keep it to yourself Use these numbers when requesting information or ordering replacement parts. Verify that the fault has been cleared and reassemble the phone motospvr the new transceiver board assembly.

But then, maybe it’s because i’m using prepaid, cos another friend using the same L7 is using post-paid, and he doesn’t have the problem ll7 facing. Active Line Figure 2. Insert and tighten the 2 T3 screws.

Motorola MOTOSLVR L7 Service manual |

Use of this manual assures proper installation, operation, and maintenance of Motorola products and equipment. This information is very useful. The display provides constant graphical representations of moyoslvr capacity and signal strength, as well as the real-time clock. To order parts please use the following link: