If it is wise, kind in the -3 db, no breath. I hear a slight hiss when all Knob snt thoroughly, but it’s very manageable. Small problem, however, for the management of stage monitors: The ratio quality price is right, even if it is prvoir possibly buying a license Cubase worthy of the name. They simply used the proven MultiMix circuitry which incorporates key components adapted from high-end Alesis mixers and studio gear.

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The choice is quickly made nultimix I’m dj Students then I eat pasta all week, I would not invest in something monstrous! Great for people recording in a live atmosphere.

Alesis Multimix FireWire Review

I will use it with my band to record some rehearsal and concert. For connection to PC, things get complicated Cubase and there are enough insert! You get an analog mixer and all its benefits to use for practices and live shows; then when you want to record, it’s a simple one-cable computer connection to start tracking.

I have not tried other models, and if j’tais rich, I took a n12 from Yamaha or a Mackie Onyx with firewire card. It seems to me that for live recording – say of a band in its rehearsal space or at a multimjx – the MultiMix 16 would really kill.

All user reviews for the Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire

There are 2 sends and 2 returns. SOUNDS Same happens when the console a bit of breath when you start bringing the gain and volume limit, but it is rare to get this, especially when there has been a battery or a guitar amp properly pushed.


The grip is quite simple, just look at it with a semblance of logic. What is important however is to take if you have the Firewire connector at the computer because the speed is suprieure USB, which mean less latency!

Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer | eBay

I hear a slight hiss when all Knob snt thoroughly, but it’s very manageable. I think it was to reposition itself from the competition that is bcp more in multitrack recording. And Alesis packaged it all in an industrial-strength metal chassis.

With exprience, I’m happy with the hardware. For integrated effects in the firewige Its in brand new condition, so I am happy with that price. As FireWire interfaces they successfully pull together the analog and digital worlds to give you the quality and flexibility you need for great recordings, live or in your home studio. It’s just a shame for live.

APRS these rglages is stable trs.

A call of foutage of mouth. I loved the power that having a full analog mixer as my computer interface gave me. The bit effects section offers presets with ten selections of gorgeous hall, room, plate, and chamber reverbs as well as ten presets each of chorus, flange, and delay. I also own a Presonus Firepod and Firebox and all three of them preform quite well with very little latency. Of course we can not only select a single, common to all tracks. Mixing in effects using the Post bus was very firewite, as it added no discernible noise and the effects delivered everything from mulrimix shading to vivid colors.


While they can’t help with your lack of time, they can be the center of a live and computer recording setup without burning up the available balance on your credit card. Even better, all the processing you apply to the signal from the preamps to the outputs is recorded as well. Yes no hsiter with the same budget, not with a less restricted budget.

I put 9 because in my case I have taken over in one week, I APRS sonorisenregistr a jazz sextet, and despite nultimix lack of experience I almost russi do everything well! Another important point from which t said before, the drivers are unstable if you use the table as a sound card for windows. One to connect AUX returns, so everyone will have the same mix of return if zikos are demanding, it can be a problem But for concerts in places small about pers max is sufficient.

The use of the table is very simple! The knobs themselves are not as tight and solid feeling as the ones on my Mackie VLZ3, but they function properly.

If it is wise, kind in the -3 db, no breath. The EQ works fine.