This bug affects 2 people. What is your output of lspci -knn grep net -A 3? Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on I looked in arch forum, they at least try to solve the issue. I had new messages repeating in dmesg, I cut it and is attached. This prevented me from using STR on my laptop. Well, actually it may also caused by my router, because sometime my cell phone also says the connection is bad while I am at 3 meters from the wifi router.

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Sorry I don’t take notes, last time I posted a bug I was told to use free drivers. I’m on Ubuntu I had new messages repeating in dmesg, I cut it and is attached.

[ubuntu] Broadcom BCM[14e] (rev 01) Ubuntu drops wifi connection

I think there are two bugs: Did this issue not occur in a release prior to Quantal? There is a kworker process that hangs on CPU.

However, I made a kernel update two days ago? I looked in arch forum, they at least try to solve the issue. Email Required, but never shown. Penalver penalvch on I then need to reboot my computer, as any “service network-manager restart” or “service networking restart” does not work.


The last lines, repeated once in the excerpt, were repeated like a dozen times. To post a comment you must log in. Well, I use this laptop for work purpose mainly, I don’t think I could just let it remain on disk image 3453 two days, waiting for a bug to appear: I cannot test the mainline kernel, as the unity dashboard does not appear and my dual screen does not work.

43553, it stopped About 2 months ago, I think but not sure. Trying the mainline build. Once testing of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug as “Confirmed”. Well, actually the disconnect issue appeared at first only when I suspended my laptop.

Installed on days ago InstallationMedia: The ethernet works fine however. I will do as you suggest, as long as it does not prevent me from writting my thesis.

This will help determine if the problem you are seeing is the result of the introduction of a regression, and when 41e4 regression was introduced. So I don’t know when it did start. See full activity log. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

I referred to this link where it gives solution under “Special Case 1 ” but that doesn’t give me a clear solution. I start my laptop, the network connects and I can use it well.


Broadcom BCM943224PCIEBT2

Mon Jan 7 That nautilus was completely irresponsive, amarok could not stop, the unity launcher had a bad behaviour and the reboot command from the user panel was not working the first time asked what to do with amaraok then … nothing.

What is your output of lspci -knn grep net -A 3?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If you are unable to 14d4 the mainline kernel, for example it will not boot, please add the tag: Sign up using Facebook. For regression testing purposes, could you please test for this in Lucid via http: Bug attachments stacktrace in dmesg when this happens edit CRDA.

Special Case 1 – Uses bcma and brcmsmac driver combination.