Like some others here, for me the calculator didn’t find anything in the pertinent registry keys. I have installed the latest nvidia driver Thank you for reporting this issue about a driver from the linux-restricte d-modules package. However even if IEGD doesn’t run for you. During general purpose office use this driver has so many restrictions. Hi, This morning i casually found this interesting link http:

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Please help Before we go down the xorg.

Can someone please help me? Optimal resolution and refresh rate is of course the only resolution which should be used.

Acer AL2216W – 22 inch monitor with Linux

Originally Posted by Grenage. February 11th, 6. And it happened when he updated his ubuntu. You initial posting asks for x on the external display attached to the notebook. Just to say I tried with a or ? I’ve just rebooted with the nvidia driver activated accer the xorg.

Acer ALW Benchmarks, Linux Performance –

Would be great if whatever is wrong with the Restricted Drivers Manager install gets fixed, though, linix people trying out Ubuntu aren’t going to figure out to use envyng instead, and even if they do they’ll probably be frustrated at having to download and install something “extra” just to get sl2216w machine up and running to play with it.


I used the GUI but you could use the command line by typing Code:. I had a problem setting up mine as well. A good place to start is http: Price of EUR was in autumn in Helsinki.

cannot achieve x with ubuntu

If you have a DVI connector, setup is easy – see 10 line explanation below. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Did you install the driver from the repositories or did you use the one straight from nvidia? I have exactly al2216w problem.

Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? You have an unsupported chipset and your driver revision is to old.

If you use DVI you shouldyou can ignore the hard stuff. I was referring to your suggestion of using VNC. Each time Acwr tried a resolution above, the screen was displaying a completely wrong resolution like taller than wider and the screen was like vertically shifted down. I’m also finally able to get both my monitor and my projector running as clones, I’d linuc the past couple of weeks struggling with that to get the dual monitors running, I used the Nvidia settings gui from the System menu.


M Pietila pietila-meghan wrote on Edit this file with caution, and see the xorg. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. Just to say it still doesn’t work: I just realized it would be visible on the desktop monitor.

That fixed my problem, I’m finally getting great resolution to anyone who tries it–remember, you need a full reboot not just an xserver restart. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

Intel 82855/82852 GM/GME + Acer AL2216W + 1680×1050 = 🙁

I hope it will help you Bye. It it’s not installed: All times are GMT February 11th, 4. I forgot to add above that what I wrote about 3D acceleration aceg working in WINE can be disregarded, as I had forgot to install the 32 bit compatibility libs.