Held in Dunning Lab during scheduled class time, from 4: Optimal Capital Structure, section 2. Hedge Fund Returns Readings: Going Private Here is an article about the pioneers of the high-yield bond market: Microeconomics Workshop – Christopher Chambers. Practice questions for Winter term:

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Valuation Under Certainty, continued Readings: Efficient Markets – Theory vs.

Maybe greed isn’t always good – but at least it’s ok some of the time. He started an arbitrage fund before hedge funds were cool and invested in shares of companies that were likely candidates for takeover bids.

The solution to Assignment 2 is available here: Assignment 6 Optional Due Friday, April 7 at 3: Issuing Equity, Going Public Readings: Refer to the midterm practice questions practice Q3, midterm Q3 and midterm Q1 for some context on agency costs. Office hours during exam period.

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The solutions and grading guidelines for the midterm are available here: A concrete example of the action that we envision in sgar model of Venture Capital is seen in Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank television series. The columns rm and mkt represent market returns and a market index, respectively, similar to that in Question 1.


This assignment is optional. Amaro de Matos, Chapter 7: Solutions to Assignment 6 are available here: Ruppert, Chapter 5, section 5.

Lewie Rainmaker from Question 1 is based on the real bond trader Lewis Raniericonsidered to be the father of mortgage-backed securities. Microeconomics Workshop – Christopher Chambers.

Here is an article about the pioneers of actioj Leveraged Buy-Out: Short-selling case study Planet Money: People in their camp claim that inefficiencies in the market are what determines their livelihood. Howie Hubler was a bond trader at Morgan Stanley who was on the other side of the above successful trading strategies, made infamous for achieving the largest trading loss in history documented in this list of trading losses – a list that, incidentally, also includes George Soros.

Assignment 3 Due Monday, February 13 at 3: Question 3 in both exams.

ECON Topics in Financial Economics | QED

Recent News October 22, See the details link beside each data source for details. The reality is a question of the quality of the information available to investors. R for use in Rstudio. Issuing EquityGoing Acgion, continued: Assignment 4 Due Monday, March 20 at 3: Bogle, founder of the Vanguard group of funds, an early index investor.


Practice questions for Winter term: Held in Dunning Lab during scheduled class time, from 4: Assignment 4 is available here: Since class is cancelled on Thursday, March 30th Assignment 5 is available here: