Get a feed of this content Use this view in a tile. The output mode switch is used to connect ordisconnect the the output capacitor located inside the unit. Commands that affect triggeractions are among the parallel commands. The instrument first measures theminimum and maximum data points of the pulse waveform. Programming the DC Source – 3Internally Triggered MeasurementsYou can use the data acquisition trigger system to synchronize the timing of the voltage and current dataacquisition with a BUS or internal trigger source. This disables all frontpanel keys except the Local key.

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December 20, 5: Came up the idea of designing micro adjustable power supply. LabVIEW instrument drivers simplify instrument control and reduce test program development time by eliminating the need for you to learn the complex, low-level programming commands for each instrument. It alsoreduces jitter when measuring successive pulse waveforms. I only see two modes Constant Current mode and Constant voltage mode. This increases zgilent low current measurement sensitivity forgreater accuracy and resolution.

As shown in figureyou can move the block of data being read into the acquisitionbuffer with reference to the acquisition trigger.

This permits pre-event or post-event data sampling. Show 1 Likes 1. Common labviea also perform system functions. Measure commands measure the output voltage or current.


Agilent Technologies B : Power Supply User’s Manual

January 10, 5: The following are two formal documents concerning the GPIB interface: The Labviww VIs – initiate or terminate test and measurement operations, such as arming the trigger system or generating a stimulus. When the interrupt occurs, your program can then act on the event in theappropriate fashion.

In this state, the triggersubsystem ignores all triggers.

The following table lists the errors that are associated with SCPI syntax errors and interface problems. One is used for generating output changes, and theother is used for triggering measurements. This example shows how to configure a measurement and take multiple readings. Thus it will be necessary to initiate the system each time atriggered acquisition is desired.

If calibration mode has not been enabled with CALibrate: The Utility VIs- perform a variety of operations that are auxiliary to the most often used instrument driver VIs. Figure shows the status register structure of the dc source.

They are organized into an invertedtree structure with the “root” at the top. A positive currenttrigger occurs when the current level changes from a value less than the lower hysteresis band limit to avalue greater than the upper hysteresis band limit. Numerous Configuration VIs can exist, depending on the particular instrument.


How to Use an Instrument Driver in LabVIEW Tutorial

Instrument Driver Organization Once an instrument driver has been downloaded, the instrument driver VIs will be located on the Instrument Drivers palette. Theparameter can be numeric or a string. Trigger commands control the remote triggering of wgilent dc source.

COMPatibility CommandsDescriptionThis command pabview the contents of the accumulated statusregister, which stores any bit condition entered in the statusregister since the accumulated status register was last read,regardless of whether the condition still exists.

Clear the WTG bit in the Status Operation Condition register after both transient and acquire triggersequences have completed.

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Nonvolatile memory has a finite maximum number of write cycles. Learn more about our privacy policy. For each case, the dc source will send a maximum of five characters after holdoff is asserted by thecontroller. Are the E series power supplies two quadrant?

General Use Programming clear selected.