Please follow the instruction below to extend. Make sure the power, network environment are normal when you update this firmware version. Fixed playback speed issue. Please follow the steps below:. The activation of Skype-blocking feature 3. When my AP is installed in an outdoor area with a lot of 2.

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Support the SD home button. How can I extend the distance using extra AP?

Airlive Drivers Download – Airlive

To ensure the success of this upgrade, any user who is running a version prior to v6. Added channel tool box configuration. What are the available Telnet and SSH commands? I want to connect to the internal server from internet. My PC can’t get on the Internet. How can I use it?

You can test this syndrome by pressing “Control-F5” to let the webpage reload when you can access the website. We can extend the wireless coverage by using 2 more APs to create a wireless repeater: What is WEP encryption?


WL-5460AP v2

Support HDMI volume adjust 4. Fix remote OCX display wrong value in setting page 3. Open your web browser, then type ” Fixed the Face Detection Interval to Delay between each event. Added DHCP server 5. The watchdog functions works by using the PING command. AP or wireless router serve as a hub for connections to the cards. Win8 – Correct profile setting interface. Added DDNS function 2. Add keep record minimum days 2. Why can’t I get into the web managementeven I press the reset button to reset WLAPv2 to factory default setting?

It will not show the numbers like or Please back up the configuration before upgrading to this firmware. Added 64bit version 5.

Added Event Alarm List. Please back up the system configuration before upgrading the firmware. If the IP address is on Internet, you must configure the Gateway information correctly. Fixed the TX throughput.

Modified the LNA parameter of driver in Client mode for sensitivity issue. WiFi hardware button does work correctly.


Wl – Pcm Driver – musics-friendly

Added playback in live view with each single channel. Fix CGI security issue.

Added showing DI and motion status on channel. Now Computer A should be able to al with Computer B. If your AP does not support WDS function or you are trying to extend the distance of a wireless router.

Cancel reset to default when firmware upgrade.