Hope you find this helpful. It is not easy to get Windows , Windows XP or Windows Server installed onto a modern system, because a new mainboards with any of the latest AMD Chipsets have not been designed for being used with the absolutely outdated pre-Vista Operating Systems and b the Operating Systems XP and W2k3 have not been designed by Microsoft for being used with a chipset, which was developed by AMD more than 10 years later. Version is the same. Im going to need 4 weeks to do it because of commitments and i wont be able to help rfsapiens at the same time but hopefully he has enough information to work with and will find a solution soon. With processor-direct SATA and USB connectivity, configurable for real-world flexibility, the new AM4 platform takes advantage of the leading-edge features of today and tomorrow. Somewhere over the rainbow. Special tips for users with a modern AMD Chipset system:

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Fernando Show info Posts:. Bear in mind that installing inappropriate chipset drivers can cause computers to malfunction.

Thanks for the link with the photos of your Device Manager. If you check the build version of the driver you will see that the driver from windows is actually updated with the matching version of your current Windows version. They even have older driver version numbers????


What’s going on here? Also, this step might improve compatibility and bus transfer speeds, add various changes for sleep state behavior, power saving functionality and others, or include support for new aamd. This seems to be absolutely necessary for all modern AMD Chipset systems. Stormyandcold Senior Member Posts: The mainboard BIOS should be up-to-date.

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Edit – It is possible that the floppy drive with the ahci has an incorrect folder structure which is why you may be better off slipstreaming the driver with nLite. You need to do it manually through device manager. Was it after that version that the installer got screwed up? Again, this all depends of the tech knowledge of the end user mom. Where can I find more drivers to test?

qmd TimmyP Senior Member Posts: Here is the way how to do it: Nevertheless it is not required to install Win7 again thereafter. It was not a good idea to integrate more than 1 textmode driver into the XP CD. I will edit this post later today to save spacei will pm you when i got an answer, though i dont know why the ssd isnt seen during setup.

They are files that allows windows to identify ahvi components of your motherboard.


GA-A75M-UD2H (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Preparations This is what you will need: Special tips for users with a modern AMD Chipset system: All of the topics I’ve seen on the matter are people complaining about the SATA thing and the reply is to install it manually from the device manager, which I guess we can all agree that it’s inconvenient at the very least. I do not understand what you want. So all in all AMD users are better off with Windows msahci. Thank you in advance for your kind support.

Thank you in advance for your kind help and support. Isn’t AMD acknowledging this that this install package is useless in what’s currently the most used operating system? Dear Fernando, Thank you for your kind reply: Somewhere over the rainbow. The only thing I read that differed from the previous version was this set included support for Threadripper.

There can be benefits, mostly its just. AMD updated the download binary hence I updated as well. Athlonite Senior Member Posts: