I guess they corresponds to two USB ports that the modem provides. So I suspect the issue is the modem simply hasn’t had enough time to fully register on the network yet. In Fedora the NetworkManager could not initialize the modem properly and log contains: Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. This page uses cookie files to provide its services in accordance to Cookies Usage Policy. My service plan does not include 1x option and, according to the statistics from my account page, the traffic goes exclusively over EV-DO indeed. You can determine conditions of storing or access to cookie files in your web browser.

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O2 | ANYDATA ADUWH – – Technical support

So it looks like sometimes modem works one way and sometimes different way. One of them does not work obviously.

Ask for this product: Comment 26 Dan Williams Bus Device During help session I found that it is possible to specify correct port via udev rule, but only for ZTE plugin.


Comment 16 Dan Williams Comment 30 Dan Williams It may have a bug or two, but we’ll fix that. Here is the modem-manager output: Here is a relevant modem-manager –debug output: Newsletter Read our RSS feed.

Before the modem finds the net: The antenna integrates 5 m coaxial cable with FME connector. Comment 23 Dan Williams Comment 10 Dan Williams Both guys confirms that modem worked with NetworkManager using hal and stopped working with modem-manager and anyadta.

anjdata Serial command timed out Jan 14 Comment 29 Igor Bukanov Comment 43 Vassily Gavrilyak Using interface ppp0 Jan 20 Comment 5 Dan Williams Comment 8 Miroslav Pragl Comment 46 Fedora Update System Comment 11 Igor Bukanov In this case because modem-manager only finds one port which is normal for CDMA devices that’s the only port that we can use.

It seemed to me that this product might be interesting adu-100w You, so I am sending You a link to it. In particularly, wvdialconf generates the following wvdial.


Notify me about product availability. I guess they corresponds to two USB ports that the modem provides. Some anydatx take a while to register with the network.

AN external antenna 0. I’m developing an AnyData plugin for modem-manager that we can use to test.

This could be a case of the AT-command interface not being complete enough since on Windows most modems use a Qualcomm proprietary interface instead of AT commands or it could be something else needs to be set up for the modem to adu-010a correctly.

Comment 9 Vassily Gavrilyak If You want to tell Your friend about this product, please use the form below.