Eventually just gave up on the Intel Let me know what you discover. Atheros releases ath5k HAL code. The firmware for my Intel Iwl is KB. As free software developers, we generally loathe this, because we rarely have access to this code, and so are unable to modify it to add features or fix bugs. I mean it’s nobody’s fault how this all worked out..

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Comment 15 Adam Williamson I have firmware and drivers for wifi modules.

Atheros releases ath5k HAL code

Comment 24 Doug Johnson On current Rawhide, it seems like ‘runlevel 5’ that is, graphical. What Atheros don’t do, which Intel and many other vendors do, is include the firmware in the driver package and upload it to the chip during startup.

If they have provided permission to redistribute the firmware, then your distro probably already includes it. Comment 57 Bastien Nocera But since re-flashing people’s Radeon cards isn’t a practical solution to any conceivable Linux-specific problem there’s no reason for anyone in the community to care. At first he thought it was caused by the fix for https: I didn’t test it myself but other user confirm this is works.

Are you required to let other people produce their own firmware code etc. Comment 42 Jin Yao I have madwifi-supported cards and the freedom of the HAL layer for them is the only thing that has or will ever interest me.


Operating systems have different policies, which may be incompatible with the license for the firmware.

WIFI SDIO SDK and related net documents | NXP Community

Anyhow, I agree with you, it doesn’t matter much to me; although we have almost successfully reverse engineered Broadcom’s firmware, which isn’t possible if it’s burned into a ROM. There may be “bugfix” versions of the firmware but the device is essentially another “computer” which your Atheris is talking to via an established communications standard i.

I wonder why they didn’t release the code to the current version Comment 56 Alan For now I’ll skip the next stage of my approach and instead test a build with both patches That said, I’m glad to finally see this code released. There’s no reason why the host driver should care how the host interface is implemented – what we need, to secure Free Software, is just the host interface itself, and Atheros, like Intel have done enough to provide us with that though doubtless Theo doesn’t agree with me.

Comment 14 Doug Johnson Comment 37 Doug Johnson As free software developers, we generally loathe this, because we rarely have access to this code, and so are unable to modify it to add features or fix bugs. I don’t recall seeing any patches from you. If you reset the BIOS it loses athsros setting, so that is very irritating.


WIFI SDIO SDK and related net documents

It wasn’t my laptop so I didn’t have time to really sit down and hack at it. This article isn’t about firmware, it’s about driver code. It’s much easier than the hardware equivalent of soft-modems – where having to have a firmware blob or other proprietry, non-distributed software downloaded to the device every time I use it, the possibility of uploading the wrong firmware, the possibility of trashing the hardware with a faulty upload, the possibility of that being the only firmware EVER that operates the device because the company goes bust etc.

Comment 8 Adam Williamson Adding it back in I still get the same soft lockups, but discovered that they had to do with the IRQ handlers, so I disabled that commented that whole block out. Looks like it may have gone back into 3. I’m going to give it a shot, though.

Attachments acpidump from affected system One set of “true” firmware-less taheros are those based on RT and similar chipsets, which have entirely GPL, non-firmware drivers. Comment 52 Michael Shigorin