However, because it’s 4K, it means you still get a full p x image per eye. This function works even in games. And you will need to make sure the monitor isn’t active polarizing the image, because it will make the image darker. Well league of Legend to be exact. Product links are fine, affiliate or referral links that benefit you are not. However good luck finding one. It configures the output for me it outputs in the 3d format my monitor recognises and i can play pretty much any game that tridef has profiles for.

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But if you want to use nvidia’s 3D driver rather than iz3D’s 3D driveryou’ll need to get a set of active shutter glasses.

You can place the tracker anywhere you want – in the car, stuck to a valuable, anywhere. Regards, KEvin This message was edited 1 time.

Stereo 3D on ATI non Iz3D

I would think for games it would be similar enabeld would require the right video card as well. I have tried going directly from the HTPC to the TV without the 3D kit between it’s only there to support formats other then checkerboard and I get the exact same picture.


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But the information on the Cyberlink website seems pretty clear: Last edited by fxrh; at When you are going to install one on your PC, you need to hp deskjet driver windows 7 be cautious. The computer controls the active shutter glasses, flashing them a hz. For me this is the only way to be sure myself It’s okay and not sharp at all. Here is my setup: There’s no need for petty insults on this sub.

When using HD3D, it will detect the hdmi1. Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis, and author of the Golfer – Within “mental skills tool-kit”, designed by a golfer for golfers. I have an Epson ub projector. But they’re expensive, and not as big as the wall I’m able to game on at p lol seriously though, if you can afford a 4k OLED, it shouldn’t even be a choice.

PaulMar 6, Hello, I’m new here and this is my first post. But I’m only concerned about 3D BluRay which does not work.

I do get a message when I try the 1. If you 3s that kind of monitor that’s NOT iz3D, those glasses will work fine.


I would like to ask a few question. Solution Chosen by vseven.

There are plenty of other places for that. I have some green and magenta 3D glasses laying around so i tried them with IZ3D. I usually watch movie at p. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Just saw this link, and from only 4 days ago. Yes the glasses are “on”, I can tell because they dim when turned on and also if I set it to side by side I can see one picture with one eye and a different picture with the other eye still no 3D effect.

Stereo 3D on ATI non Iz3D | guru3D Forums

Timing issues with the shutter glasses can cause ghosting – but enabped with all displays. One time with the left eye pixels blacked out.

Might be worthwhile looking into tridef. The glasses are passive polarized glasses, and do NOT have any active shutter technology built in.