In Transmit Setup, try reducing the hardware speed to How do I setup BitWare so it will only play my voice and greeting to incoming voice calls? Faxes may be sent to multiple recipients via the phone book window. The software is a Windows based solution that allows users to integrate your voice messaging and faxing to an individual PC. It can all be changed later under Setup-Station. Try any good electronics store.

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Provides never busy fax and fax broadcasting. The only thing we did not like about the phone book was the fact that bitwade could not send our faxes directly from this window. The program even estimates a time to fax and displays the number of attachments to be sent.

All Diamond Voice modems comply with the Australian standards, falling within required telecommunications parameters.

Click OK The log is now saved as a text file on your hard disk drive. A later attempt through the setup function properly detected the modem.

Check for the line comm. If this line does not exist, add it. Users can also perform successful searches on terms used by the program.

Index of /drivers/MODEM/CA_BitWare/SoftWare/bitware/dut/disk2

First, you must set your fax software so that the Station ID is correct. If the problem persists, do the following: Is there a work-around?


Generally each Bitware screen encompassed a single function, however, all options required for that function were on screen or just a mouse click away.

Click File – Print. The user is never really sure if their mouse click has registered on the tab.

Startup BitWare so you can see the row of BitWare icons. Bitware Lite was the only system to come with a truly automatic fax forwarding feature. Select the BitWare Fax Driver as the printer. Essentially the user places the program in fax forward mode and specifies a send delay time and the forwarding number. Bitware Lite automatically compressed incoming faxes with a proprietary compression scheme which reduced the fax file size to about one quarter of their actual size. Faxes are sent directly to the users PC over their internet connection making it easy to access faxes while traveling or out of The Office.

Bitware Version (Feb)

These tabs can be used to quickly find the first bitwage in the fax recipient list that had it’s sorted field fall within the tab’s range. A Selection message will assist these fax callers. BitWare receive manager will now display the caller’s number, as will the receive log. This tells the service where to send the result report back to. Click on Transmit – New. BitWare will now fax the document. First, check that the modem does work fine when Distinctive Ring is disabled from within Moddm.


To do this, use the following initialisation string when using a terminal program such as Bitcom: The receive log in Bitware Lite was the nicest of all the packages. Send just a bitwafe page to the following TestFax number: Bitware Lite takes up just a little under 5 megs of hard-disk space, most of which are files for it’s voice messaging system.

Within Word, under File – Printcheck that the printer is set to the one you wish to use as default.

A schedule window shows pending transmissions. To do this, use the following initialisation string when using a terminal program such as Bitcom:. From then on all incoming faxes are rerouted to the other fax number.

BitWare eventually reports that the line is busy.