Sun May 06, 2: Carnagecjb Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: It’s aimed at people who want a simple, elegant and, above all, small basic computer. You get a couple of sturdy clip-together side feet with the Book PC, so you can use it in tower configuration; set up like this, it takes up even less desk space. Not a great bargain Very little expansion possible.

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If they came in a normal desktop case then there’d be nothing remarkable about them at all, but their extraordinarily small size and adequately-standard hardware puts them in a market niche otherwise served only by rather more expensive network PCs from more famous brands. This is not a cut-down “network PC”, incapable of doing anything unless it’s hooked up to some big fat server. The importers have some see-through iMac-esque bezels on the way, for them as like such things.

Reasonably priced Pretty standard hardware. It’s a proper computer. Well, to moodem honest, there is one port covered up, but that was only the dialup modem port, which I never use anyway. Here’s the same picture again, but smaller so you can see the whole thing at once.

Enter the Book PC.



Not a great bargain Very little expansion possible. In addition, with a non-distortion optic fiber interface optional, sorry currently not available can also provided for Mini Disk and or high-end audio system connection.

If you can find a slower Celeron then you can save some money there, and you can of course use any spare monitor modwm got kicking around. It does mhz but doesn’t post. Please log in modm reply. You currently have javascript disabled.

Many low cost computers come with low-grunt PSUs that are adequate for the base spec machine but can’t handle extra expansions; the Book PC isn’t going to have any extra expansions, though, so the little PSU is OK.

But thats all you’ll need as everything is built in. The ones we need to remove for the Book PC are bko810 two black wires, the two yellow wires and the purple one and the green one.

Unless they switched to the e chipset. Take ’em out and you can slide the case off easily. Supports for 4-channel speakers. Mode are made by PcChips. Here’s the right way to look at the six pin plug for the Bki Book PC’s motherboard. But, treated as a regular PC that happens to be very small and have video out, the Book PC is still a very flexible device.


Please, feel free to contact me privately about the price, but don’t leave your comments in the for sale thread! It’s only got one network port. You get a couple of sturdy clip-together side feet with the Book PC, so you can use it in mldem configuration; set up like this, it takes up even less desk space.

Posted 06 December – Tue May 01, 9: Dimensions of the motherboard? But this has pretty much everything you want from a desktop PC built in, including networking and an internal modem, and there’s TV video output as well.

Advent book PC, Model No. BKi810

Posted 03 December – Tue May 01, 2: Sign In Need an account? I’ve forgotten my password. Feb 21, Posts: It’s got an Intel ibased motherboard, which like other series boards for modrm, reviewed in the same article as the In Win case has video and sound hardware built in, and also includes a network adapter.