My wife is in dire need of internet access for her work she is also due to take an exam for a professional certification in 10 days time and needs internet access to practice for it. If you’ve got one I’d resist the temptation to download any other versions via the ‘update’ button, or you may end up with a locked version: Problems with unlocked BT voyager Hi, I’m on tiscali and recently brought an unlocked voyager from ebay. ISPs hate taking responsibility, but if you can demonstrate that it is not modem specific it may help. Is there anything I can do to speed up this process?

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No broadband connection — Voyager too old? – BT Community

View answer in context. Find all posts by JohnnyReb This would also apply to any other router that you use that is not BT supplied. Apparently she can see the router in her line tests. If it was not BT supplied then this information needs to be present for it to work.

Since my wife is currently working from home and needs access to the internet and I am running a conference next week with plenty of last minute emails to answer, I got a router from our IT department to bridge the time until the new BT Home Hub arrives — after all, the line was not supposed to be the problem. New to BB, but I have made some progress.


I had it set to Auto and it came up with a The IT guys were just using the router a while ago, so it should be working.

Message 9 of Very interesting what you say about PPPoE. Plug the other end of the power adapter into the back of the router.

The fault tracker still shows that BT Retail is responsible for fixing the problem. Same as the BT Router Channel: I was premature with my elation.

Problems with unlocked BT voyager Hiya. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: This guide shows you how to get connected with the BT Voyager router. Ask a question Reset. Power and DSL connection lights. Search for a user manual.

User manual BT VOYAGER – Download your BT VOYAGER user guide or user manual

Resetting the router To return the router to its factory setting, you need to press and hold the reset button on the router’s back panel for ten seconds. Nt, I agree that having a Virgin customer getting his line disconnected being related to our lost internet connection is a bit of a stretch but at this stage we are getting desperet.

Dec 5, 7: Problems with unlocked BT voyager have you tried Meant to mention im on Tiscali BB, and i sent a message to the seller on ebay and recieved this reply, again not sure what he means.


No broadband connection — Voyager too old? The passwordw I tried is BT.

I’ve looked at some reports and often Home Hub users went back to their Voyager routers because they were more reliable? Its not unknown for these to lock up, or have a defective port. I don’t know much about that side of things, but had always assumed that PPPoE was only used if you had a separate modem and router.

User manual BT VOYAGER 2091

Clearly, the router voysger not seem to be the problem, like any of our hardware at home. The software supplied with the adapter will vary depending on the manufacturer, but generally you will be prompted to: My wife is in dire need of internet access for her work she is also due to take an exam for a professional certification in 10 days time and needs internet access to practice for it.

Dec 5, 8: When i try to connect to the router pages via internet explorer it keeps coming up with page not found.