I am not sure I understand why you’d think that these would only be written with Sonar in mind – Coreaudio? I still think it’s possible. Want to know more? There were a couple of flaws in the design. Anyway – Been waiting for the whole WaveRt thing to surface to see what it offers. Hi Blades In short, I recieved the following reponse from Echo: I have two Vista installations I just checked on the one I do not use for serious work that has onboard sound still enabled.

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How could Microsoft set out to improve the audio system, yet end up making it worse? I loaded Sonar and tried to wav profiel – no good Got rid of aud.

Most audio applications will not use this due to increased processing overhead. Again, it wasn’t just that it performed strangely, it simply said “not available” for all the rates You talk about using a WaveRT driver. I see that Vista includes new security measures for protecting buffer overruns from malware attacks.

Vista WaveRT. NOT.

Photo CC Sam Javanrouh. SO, i wanted to buy a NI audiocard. Drivers are improving, and the imminent Service Vissta 1 apparently fixes some bugs, such as one that affected timing on MIDI used by professionals to integrate sequencers.


Do you have to do anything to switch to WaveRT? YOu can’t expect good result with Traktor and Directsound drivers under Vista.

Why Vista sounds worse | Technology | The Guardian

Not including open source projects, are any of the major audio hardware manufacturers supporting WaveRT right now? I have some of my own opinions on the different Vista editions, but what version are you recommending? If they don’t suggest using it why bother developing the driver at all? Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. What profile other than Pro Audio would you want to use? Vista had to be supported and so it came to be. The is some excellent primer technical info on Microsofts website about WaveRT and its worth dissecting to learn more about the subject.

I can’t comment on it since I have no information on a timeline or the final plans on this.

I hope they work too — don’t forget to try to the benchmark to see how they stack up against your other drivers In either 32 or bit environments, NI promises that their code will work and be stable and reliable as if they ran on the actual XP. Systems tested included brand new cutting edge platforms from Intel and AMD as well as earlier generation machines. I can reach with Mixvibes on Vista 32 bits, 3ms with Kernel streaming driver.

Creative Labs describes its own struggles with Vista’s new architecture at tinyurl. The latency is a function of the driver-supported buffer size, not the operating system. To address this long-standing issue, Vista has new features designed to aid real-time streaming multimedia applications. Anything above that seems fine, but I can get that with the old WDM drivers on my system.


So now the argument is totally different. Professional musicians face different issues.

A WaveRT driver passes audio to the hardware with low latency and minimal interference. Vista JUST came out, and there are some very real problems with Vista and music production that need to be addressed by Microsoft first.

In there was another conference. Also given your extensive problems you’ll have support ticket numbers right? The ability to offload graphics to the GPU can also open the door to applications and plug-in developers to create more graphically rich applications without taxing the cskewalk CPU. Additionally, virtualization only applies to the X86 flavor of Vista.

I not want create ofense with thsi 2 words, but that its waht i feel