To avoid a potential shock hazard during troubleshooting procedures, disconnect all power sources before removing the keyboard cover or the display bezel. Hard Drive Mounting Bracket 2 2. Ensure that the optional memory expansion card is installed correctly. Viewing a Chapter Click one of the bookmarks or one of the color-coded bubbles on the Welcome page to view a chapter of this MSG. Lift the processor out of the chassis.

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Page 72 Presario Series Models: I’m not a big KDE fan to begin with, so I configured the computer to use icewm instead, resulting in much better performance.

Correct printer drivers are not installed. Manual Press and hold down the Power button for 4 sec.


Cable s of new external device xp loose or power cables are unplugged. Page 46 Presario Series Models: The current Lucent driver doesn’t work with the 2. The documentation indicates that work is ongoing to improve the features of the driver, so future versions will support full bit sound.


Disconnect AC power and any pressrio devices. Page 26 Presario Series Models: Page 63 Presario Series Models: Most or all of these computers are very similar internally to the XL Follow the instructions for properly putting the Notebook into Off mode, unplugging it from the outlet, and removing the battery see Battery Pack Removal Sequence. To replace the keyboard, reverse these procedures.

Page 84 Presario Series Models: Continued on the next page. Diskette Drive Cable 1b. The TouchPad needs to be cleaned.

In addition to the aforementioned spec, the offered:. The next model up from thethe offered a new processor, bigger HDD, CF card slot and fold-down feet for desktop operation. Remove the hard drive pg Page 4 Presario Series Models: Page 87 Presario Series Models: They also came with on-board JBL stereo speakers and Synaptics touchpads.

I couldn’t really figure out why it was breaking, since it appeared to be an environment variable that the script believed was set incorrectly, so I performed some ugly excisions of code that’s not needed ppresario my network, removed some conditionals, and got it working again.


Back up the critical hard drive files.

Compaq Presario 1200

If you run Compaq Diagnostics from a diskette, ensure that the presarioo program is version niternal Flash memory cards require the Microsoft FlashFile System to be loaded. To remove the system board, complete the following steps: Press Power button once. Ensure that the battery pack is inserted in the notebook and that it is connected to an external AC power source. Probable Cause Solution s Paper tray is empty. The battery pack should be removed before performing any internal maintenance on the notebook.

Page 21 Presario Series Models: Ensure that the optional memory expansion card is installed correctly. Hard drives ranged from 3. See also Verifying Dip Switch Settings.