However, creating partition will overwrite the original data stored on the external hard drive which is not showing up. Such devices fail all the time. Now, keep reading to find how to fix external hard drive not recognized. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Summary: When I click on the USB icon in the tray to stop a device, and then on “mass storage device” in the pop up window, it displays the drive there “eg maxtor 6 USB device, so the pc must recognise it.

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A new drive case?

How to Fix External Hard Drive Not Recognized? Here Are 6 Solutions

But disconnecting the external drive from its power supply, and then disconnecting and reconnecting hd5e-500g USB cable at the external drive with the computer on led to XP SP2 seeing it and assigning a drive letter in Explorer. This PC is selected by default, and you can see all your hard drive partitions in this module.

It was being recognized only intermittently which was making me crazy. Or watched others lose it all.

After that, I pretty much experienced what you explained. As a matter of fact, the “external hard drive not showing up” issue can be caused by various reasons, including dead USB ports, driver issues in Windows, using the wrong file systemand so on.

All the great ideas are here. Check all needed files, and save them on a safe place.

Comstar GB USB RJ45 or Ximeta ND Enclosure – Dennis Forbes

The non-routable protocol used is not necessarily friendly with the rest of your network. My external HD is recognised and listed in My Computer intermitently and rarely seems to work long enough to transfer a file of more than a few Mb’s. Also you buried your plea for help. Ok Bob, Hdee5-500g completely shutdown and unplugged everything then booted back up.


Comstar 500GB USB RJ45 or Ximeta ND Enclosure

This professional data recovery program offers wizard-like interfaces as well as simple operations to help users quickly recover lost data from drive that is not recognized by Windows. Then I clicked and dragged one file mp3 onto the Windows Media Player.

I’ve just had the same problem, and here’s what it was:!! If you have more solutions on how to fix Toshiba external HDD not recognized, please share them with us by leaving your messages in the following comment zone. It just seems like theres something silly I’m missing out somewhere????

The drive has already been partitioned and has around 40gb of data stored on it. The USB icon appears in my tray when I connect it and states that the device is working properly. After reading others posts I’ve checked the device manager and the drive does not appear in their either my C drive show up as being the basic drive.

Have you ever encountered the same problem? Opening the box revealed the following contents: If it’s SP2 that’s got issues, does anyone know of a patch or something to fix this?

External hard drive not recognised. Please help 🙁

This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest. CNET’s Forum hhde5-500g storage is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from a community of experts. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a green, professional and all-in-one data recovery software, is recommended here.


After about 20 minutes, I pulled the USB cable, then restarted my computer. This contains my core works that I can’t lose and photos. I cmstar don’t know what else to try. Just do as told.

Thus, if you are satisfied with the scanning results and want to recover unlimited data, you had better upgrade your copy of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. And ones it did came up that the hard drive has used space gb, and ones the hard opend for like minutes and than it closed again and than the pc will not recognize the externel hard, till i plug out the power from the hard drive wait a couple of minutes and than whan i plug it beck in it will recogineze it for about five minutes, both when i open it it is empty, both i know that it is not empty becouse it recognized it ones for 2 minutes and i saw that the info is still in their, I tryed changing the usb port it didn’t help, booting the pc, uninstalling the hub and reinstall it, power out power on, again changing pc, so if somebody could help me out please do thanks.

My SeaGate gb Hard drive seems to have power related prob. So I hooked it up to a speedy client-device with a USB 2.