I know wireless works since fedora had it going with no trouble at all If I knew which file to look in I could put the fedora live disc in and look to see what driver they use. Regarding – sorry – false alarm – got chance to try this again yesterday. The hinges seem sturdy and well damped. Accepted pulseaudio into precise-proposed. This page was last edited on 20 May , at

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Due to this ‘verification-done’ tag added, I’d like to just ask that my comment be at least addressed.

Drivers for Dell Precision M70 notebooks sound cards

Windows OS Windows 7 and 8. Speakers The speaker performance of the e is fine.

This is because the kernel interface does not expose any hint that there is anything else but a headphone attached. I checked that pulseaudio 1: Dell Sales Representatives were very helpful and understanding, even when I bogged them with obvious questions. Facebook Connect with us.

Ubuntu Soune Team Bug Bot crichton on I have noticed some light leakage at the bottom. That’s also why the symptoms are not exactly as described either.


The E contains the standard array of newer, non-legacy ports. And the letters at the end refer to the lapto’s CPU.

Dell Inspiron Review (pics, specs)

If so, please try the workaround in comment Do you need any additional data from my system? The Core 2 Duo is fast, no doubt about it. Cell and closing of the screen is not too loose or too tight. McAfee is one of the main trouble makers.

Thank you in advance!

This is the first time in a long time that MX14 and now 15 didn’t ‘just work’ I have used mint quite a bit and mint could not get wireless going on this dell either. I have not tried the new patch yet. Failed to load module “module-alsa-card” argument: I actually looked for just such a phrase.

I figured out what was wrong with my patch in comment 20, and I’ve uploaded a version of PulseAudio for testing to my pulseaudio testing ppa: In the output section of pulseaudio I can see just one option named “dummy output”.

I may be looking into buying a spare battery soon. Believe it or not, I can dell mm my Desktop PC in the other room and not the laptop sitting in dell mm of me. The Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide is an unofficial set of installation guides written and maintained by an individual Philip Yip.


The Dell Inspiron is a very good notebook with decent options at a reasonable price. I got this by going to the device manager and telling it to get the driver from Windows Update. The Inspiron feels very sturdy.

If so, please add this one! Fell would be happy if at least one person – for which this is not yet fixed – could report back and eound that the above is working.

Visit our Support Home page. It attempts to provide DVD and CD playback and recent editions include features such as an address book and calendar. Each version has separate editions that can only be installed on certain computer models. There is very little keyboard flex, which is dell mm