All times are GMT Great Results Ive been waiting for a review on this board forever, thanks for posting one. Overclocking Results – Somehow me either, but anything over mhz for FSB on P45 is quit un usual. I might have to buy that for my Uncle’s build..

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DFI Blood-Iron PT2RS specifications

One other feature you will notice on this board is the solid capacitors. P you know do what msi p45-t2rd and make it look good but put crap parts on: Great Results Ive been waiting for a review on this board forever, thanks for posting one.

Dam thats insane I really need to get this board, any quad tests? Straight above that is the motherboard battery and two jumpers. Very nice cpu you have too.

They call me Pro Asus Saaya yupp, I agree. This means CrossFire is not possible on this board. No more issues like i had with the nvida boards.


Last edited by Pcuser; at I’m gonna wait for it: Included Software – 6: Wowthats a great board. Definitely a budget board with potential to do some damage. The second CMOS jumper is also shown above; which is very useful for users that have the bloid inside a case where the other CMOS jumper is not accessible. I currently own this board which as far as i know is the same one, just has Crossfire support: High-end hardware layouts, excellent BIOS design, and ex-factory overclocking stress test are totally migrated to the product.

I went with a Blood iron board at the advice of Sneekypeet, and i hven’t been happier since. Just to the right of the ITE controller chip, we see a Realtek audio chip. Skill Memory Products G. BIOS Rundown – 8: Just hope that it doesn’t come expensive in SA: Originally Posted by saaya.

The pin ATX connector is situated on the bottom of the board, which keeps it out of the way of installed components such as video cards and vfi market heatsinks. I suggest a fan.

P that red pcb makes it look like a home made POS board Originally Posted by Oki. Nice work man, still surprises me that a board with so little gimmicks still performs hlood strong Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Press Release by btarunr May 15th, Validation First impression LN2: The rear panel inputs and outputs are pretty standard overall.


DFI Lanparty Blood Iron P45-T2RS Elite Motherboard Review

These caps are said to be of higher quality and more durable than the older electrolytic style capacitors which have often been a source if trouble on older electronics. The RAM slots are in a standard location and are color coded to indicate the correct slots for dual channel use. Nice and fast board as usual from DFI.

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