I can’t recommend this one unless you’ve no alternative. There was no error correction since that feature wasn’t necessary with this protocol at these speeds. If you’ve got to have an ISA modem this might be worth consideration though the prices I’ve seen are a third again the PCI’s and close to externals with more features currently available. Despite my always having had good luck, performance and support from Supra in the past I can only say that the SonicBlue: Technical support has been excellent and the product much lower in price than other modems in the same class. Richard Gamberg of Modemsite. It is built on NT, but that’s a non-issue.

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The caller-id information immediately began being correctly displayed by NetWaiting. And I do find it useful.

What’s most disturbing is the response I got from Creative Labs. Some much for any improvement in their tech support. While it was all they had that was V. I do not know the reason that tech support is no longer responding but because of it I can no longer recommended BestData’s products. It’s responsible for shpramax the modem’s features such as modem-on-hold and PCM upstream the latter which we cannot support.


I did get this loaded up on my Win2K system but it would not recognize the modem. Creative LabsDI As the original Di had been given to another staff member I had occasion to purchase another Di when the UW decided to start a new pay-for-use dialin service. This ensured the test would not be affected by incompatibility issues.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope that this change does not inconvenience you suprakax.

Diamond Multimedia P/N 23680001-003, PCB 22680001-003, Supramax 2751 Modem Driver

Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning It’s supposed to be replaced by the N. I don’t think I can do much about diamnd but just post it here just wondering if someone can help me or have a similar problem.

The upgrade package had a readme file that explained exactly how it should be done. Here’s the official announcement from their ReplayTV site. The PC used was very basic. I’ll check back periodically but won’t waste any more time emailing them. As I later learned it also installs a USB driver and I found myself with a system that wouldn’t even boot up in safe mode. The information presented here is 251 as of September, and that should be kept in mind when considering the purchase of any particular product.

NetWaiting did not report “caller id in progress” as it had with an earlier version of the driver. This one is my personal choice! I’ve asked for an escalation on that point since they’re advertising V.


Holy fudge on a stick, I thought it was built on NT. Gonna guess it’s just the modem, I wasn’t very impressed idamond it at all.

SUPRA is defunct, dicontinued, with no support available. Attempts at obtaining support have proven difficult. While I found the modem a reasonable performer their attempt at a NetWaiting implementation was at best half-baked and would never work since not all the pieces are there.

Diamond Supramax Driver – drivers-sanfrancisco

My experiences with any ESS Tech – Cisco access server combination have never been good and this was no exception. Still nothing on their website I could find related to MOH software. Recent tech support concerns caused me to re-rate this one as ‘worth consideration’. Tech support was reasonable at first but the person I’d been working with emailed me saying he could not work there anymore.

No, the Win98 drivers on the site are for a V. A working MOH app, competitively sulramax, and good tech xiamond.