How do I do it? I think we’d all love to hear some noodling with the sounds available on the Gemini. Estimated on or before Mon. The editor allows to edit every single control and all global options, store and organize up to 32 complete setups, create and store three custom velocity curves, and much more. Make Offer – Loading Forgot to mention that in the control panel the level meter bounces when I make noise still.

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I wanted sound so I re-enabled the onboard sound and moved my speakers back there. It seems to me, that on “bass to lower” the bass is just added to the lower manual, which is not what I want. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

I could setup soumd dedicated switch that sends a program change and uses a cc to set pan to hard left for all non-VB3 programs and hard right for all VB3 programs. Particularly should they offer one in single manual.

GSi (DMC ) Gemini Dual DSP Sound Module Released – MusicPlayer Forums

For me this is nice because I don’t need a submixer to run multiple keyboards into my SpaceStation. You can also write over any of diiamond first 64 presets which Guido has programmed and delivered to you with the module. But this looks like a different game: I did soudn some more time with the piano samples this morning.


Also, I am not an acoustic piano purist, and I’m currently using the Electro 3 as my keybed, and I will probably never own any type of keyboard or MIDI controller that has a weighted action.

I have no lower drawbars or rotary control when the GSi Gemini patch is called up on the 2nd channel or processor. With Gemini version 1.

XS71UV2 Diamond Xtreme Sound External USB Sound Card (XS71UV2)

I have no idea if I could adapt to that but it’s intriguing. I can also get by using presets. And it would be the only real competitor of the SK2. Thanks, Abeck for doing soubd

I suggest stretch tuning it to make it work better when played with other digital instruments but even if you choose not to use stretch tuning, it is still too sharp as is. Now the Diamond Xtreme Sound 7. It maybe that they have overlooked this in the spec or to keep costs down they have gone for cheap DACs or op-amps. They already have everything developed, so the product is basically ready.

Diamond XS71 Sound Card | eBay

I found out that the Diamond sound card sohnd needed because of that. Shouldn’t really be a factor once the key is all the way down?

Anyway, it’s great to have so many high-quality choices. We doublechecked the values and they were correct.

Earlier in this thread, someone asked why someone would buy a Mojo if the DMC was available. I agree, yes obviously.


Diamond Xtreme Sound PCI (XS51) Sound Card

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Something like Pianoteq would be a worthwhile effort on this hardware. There are a lot of options with the Gemini if a single manual instrument shows up. Learn more – opens in new window or tab.

I looked through the online demo editor of the Gemini and couldn’t find any parameters in the VB that are different from the Mojo.

I’m looking forward to trying this out. I am assuming from what I have gathered that this module pretty much contains the complete Crumar Mojo organ engine No B3 I’ve ever had a chance to play was newer than – so I’ve no idea about later models.

Well if you’ve diaamond the Crumar Mojo, then you’ll know what the Gemini’s Organ sounds like – since it is as far as I can tell identical sounding to the Mojo I previously owned one. It can be your next full featured dual manual tonewheel organ simulator. I would prefer this to the hard case as well.