An acquaintance of mine has just offered me his Rigol DS at a great discount since he just got a DS Seems like that would cause the same propagation delays as using logic gates on outputs of a conventional counter as described above. When I run the software it freezes the computer. I checked back in on their website and NOW the product list has the and series scopes listed on the third page. Nothing to be done about it in that case and it makes the above speculations academic. Thanks for your advice!

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My fork from when I posted this https: About the glitches, I did not notice it getting worse when heating up, but it may make sense! The next value will be !

Normal and Single work, sometimes. Especially since you are overclocking and you need a place for your heatsink to send the hot air. Hi Francisco, which repo are you using? The methods provided to zoom in and move around in the waveform are primitive and clumsy.

This device is not working and PC is faulty. In any case, most of what I see myself doing with this scope is more along the lines of this screenshot:.


Getting the Hantek DSO working with Linux –

On the other side, if you just need a basic scope that works fine under Linux, go for it! You are commenting using your Facebook account. That code is evil! The program actually detects the Hantek.

A trigger event occurs and two things happen. Any advise will be greatly appreciated noob level, if possible.

Inside a Hantek DSO USB Oscilloscope | fabiobaltieri

Yeah, I did the comparison as well at the time. What distro of Linux are you using?

My Tektronix scope is positively ancient and yet linkx still beats the Hantek in many regards. The weird thing is that the glitch at MHz appeared to be software related somehow: Can I take 32k 20ns samples on two channels or am I limited to one channel for the a 32k acquisition?

From there, when you connect it to USB, the firmware will automatically be uploaded. Could I try your modified version? Hi Fabio, I only see the bad triggering when the waveform is expanded so only the limux edge shows on the screen.

When I overlay both channels the glitch shows up identically on both. I actually tried to replace the stock oscillator with different values dso–2090, and MHzand while the 75MHz works fine, with the and MHz ones, there are some acquisition glitches at intermediate time divisions — some samples are plain wrong.


Hi, Most of what you guys are talking about is over my head, but I have an that is dead. Filed under Hardware Tagged with diydsoelectronicshardware hackingoscilloscope. Post something if you get some result! To visualize actual data, I helped things along llnux the command line to massage the output a bit and save it to a file by doing. I believe the transforms the trigger index before sending it linyx the inverse XOR shift technique.

Inside a Hantek DSO-2090 USB Oscilloscope

I think the inputs have relays on them and it seems this is normal. Will it be necessary to use other SW than sigrok, to leverage the modifications? I wonder if you can help me not to do so.

You may put it on pastebin and just link it in the comment but there is definitely something going on there. Auto works most of the time but causes a lot of jitter in the display.