What is the error code in the system log? Two years and I use this little box has changed my life well my night! Now the card gets listed in qjackctl, but it still doesn’t work. Otherwise, return to the previous chapter, installation etc O the whole usb-audio driver source? Does it have ID

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It runs on a P IV, 2. You should not ask him too much. But above the headphone output is not used in 3.

Did you find this review helpful? Otherwise, no cuts, no crash of the card. I note however that as soon as Windows merdouille a little like at startup, it happens sometimesI’m sure having to re-install the card, drivers, etc.

Waiting for some suggestion.

Edirol UA-20 not seen by alsa in ADVANCED mode

Our members also liked: Not rocket science but can dboussoler someone who is not accustomed. To record my guitars and my voice live, silent sound a little cold. Note that she hates games, stuff like cars. Between line and microphone audio, RCA audio output, headphone jack, in short everything is there.


Edirol Ua-20 Audio Capture 24 Bit Midi Interface

I have taken the time for once to read the manual. I have not had the opportunity to try other models similar audio and midi interface In this price range, they are not lgion It is then necessary to find the rglage volume in the control panel, which is not very practical.

Two years and I use this little box has changed my life well my night! Panel very simple too?

The product has good features: The appearance is not reassuring, especially the plastic used, also used by plants Kinder Surprise. I needed a good sound card too small CHRE, and that it has fully achieved its rle.

linux-audio-user – Edirol UA not seen by alsa in ADVANCED mode

Free forum by Nabble. Search everywhere only in this uua-20. In this case, it is better to disable it and use the integrated sound chipset.

Qjackctl hangs and I need to kill jackd. I wanted a simple and cheap uq-20 try my hand at digital models to cleaner and more easily than 4 tracks anologiques. The UA quirk was added over two years ago and should be in your distros.


I didn ‘t bother, since the vetrsion 2 pilots, to go see if a silent version available.

On Plogue Thing, I have 4 ms latency and 13 ms output in between. I’m trying this card on two different PCs both with Slackware It is convenient because independent and comprehensive Just in case, I download any new drivers, but Exirol think it n’tait not useful for the version I bought.

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In reply to this post by Clemens Ladisch. In reply to this post by Clemens Ladisch Clemens Ladisch wrote: I record the vocals, guitars, aco, low BAR.

It changes the chipset and an Aureon Fun yet it is not funny. A small prampli tube pre Prosonus archauff everything.