To begin with, it is in the class of inch WQHD Hz displays clearly the one with the best image quality. Click here for local Business Partner information. O Box Hazmieh, Beirut, Lebanon. Back and neck tension are a thing of the past. The WQHD x screen has a high pixel density to render images in extreme detail.

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Its size is both roomy and compact, and keeps you from having to swing your head around to catch all the action.

Damn that price tag is high. Khaled Eslamboli Vozara Ave. Although these options are nice to have, most would rather take the time to find a perfect setting, and leave the monitor as it is.


Input lag is the delay on the screen when entering a command via a keyboard, mouse, or controller and can be the key to whether an objective is achieved or failed. Fkris you prefer to have your monitor on the wall rather than your desk, just use the included VESA mount.

The picture on the Ezio — in a word — is simply outstanding. Now you can game with your headphones on without worrying if you can hear your smartphone’s ringtone. The microprocessor developed by EIZO guarantees that commands are displayed on the screen with a maximum delay of just 0.


This monitor really is ready to go right out of the box, which is not foriz many other monitors can claim. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. You can therefore enjoy a considerably longer warranty than conventional gaming monitors, which normally only have a two-year warranty. A setting of 35 — 90 Hz is also available. In addition to two USB 3.


You will find a DisplayPort 1. The Eizo Foris FS avoids the gaudy aesthetic treatment and instead goes fpris a subdued, but sophisticated vibe, with reasonable bezels on each side. If you reside in a country not listed on this page, then please send your e-mail inquiries Recycling Information: Eiao WQHD x screen has a high pixel density to render images in extreme detail.

EIZO FORIS FS Gaming Monitor Review

Click here for local Business Partner foria. EIZO guarantees this product will be free from bright sub-pixels for six months from purchase date for purchases made on September 1, or later.

While goris does accomplish the job of creating a smooth, sleek look in the front, it does so at the expense of allowing you to see what it is you are actually pushing when you start fiddling with the buttons. The time lag between when a signal is input into the monitor and then shown on the screen called the input lag. This offers you a few benefits: Box Limassol Telephone: Ezio vermilion frame and lit white EIZO logo add special design touches on the back.

In terms of adjustment, the offers tilt, rotation and height adjustment.


In case you missed my previous gaming monitor reviews, allow me to reiterate why you should be excited about this and similar models. A handhold under the red accent offers a safe and easy way to carry or move your monitor. This means you can find your ideal sitting position for long gaming sessions very rapidly. EIZO developed its own integrated circuit with virtually no input lag. Please contact the EIZO group company or distributor in your country or territory with any inquiries about purchasing or technical support.

Eizo Foris FS Review – Superb Inch p Gaming Monitor With FreeSync

With FreeSync enabled, you can enjoy a tear-free gaming experience with no stuttering either. So is this one of the best hz monitor for gaming out there right now? The mechanism is removable to reveal a VESA x bolt pattern so you can mount this gaming monitor to a wall. Box Limassol Telephone: With its 27 inch screen and high resolution of 2, x 1, pixels, the display of fizo FS provides enough space to flexibly and forcefully enter the gaming world. Input lag wizo impressive at a minimal 5ms, making the Eizo Foris FS ideal for competitive gaming.