Comment 23 Eugene Grosbein The em driver supports the following media types: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This definitely should be committed now that I know what Franco was trying to get me to do. Want to link to this manual page? Comment 10 Daniel G But the Intel driver does not fully work under

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I asked for a full revert to the working Intel state via e-mail, but that didn’t happen.

It only changes something in an specific conditional. Getting the FreeBSD Comment 19 Sean Bruno Comment 15 Sean Bruno Comment 12 Daniel G The default value is 0, since adapters may hang with this feature being enabled.

Comment 4 Kubilay Kocak D Sleep rather than spin in e when doing long running config operations. Sign up using Email and Password. If somebody would let me know which mistake I made I would like to be able to rreebsd it in the future. Mon Jun 19 Sleep rather than spin in e when doing long running config operations.


vlan limits on e1000?

Comment 28 Eric Joyner VogonPoetLaureate I took a look at this file but it’s a bit confusing. Comment 6 CS We have two of those boxes which serve as a redundant firewall, dhcp server, local DNS e0100, etc. Specifically, look at Comment 20 Comment 31 commit-hook If mediaopt is not specified, the driver defaults to half-duplex.

When I read the title of the review, I thought it was some kind of medical advice for sysadmins or something. I saw this same problem but on unconfigured interface. Selecting an MTU larger than bytes with the ifconfig 8 utility con- figures the adapter to receive and transmit Jumbo Frames.

It looks like that doesn’t get set in IMS, so the “other” cause that includes link state changes never fires. Perhaps it’s best if my comments are removedd. Comment 1 nn The default value is for adapters newer e100and for older ones. When I add that device I get this error while building the kernel:.

– Intel e network link drops under high network load

The em driver supports freebds following media types: There is probably a link interrupt check that is missing. The link issue in particular also manifests in several VM deployments that we heard of through D1000, where widespread emulation of e is an integral part of daily operation and required to be reliable.


Reviewers shurd sbruno Commits rS Either the second line should be dropped or changed to how it reads in the Intel driver.

All hardware require- ments listed apply to use with FreeBSD. I recall also having the same network link drops when I was previously on 9. Fri Mar freeebsd Since the code bases in current and XX-stable are quite a bit different, I’m going to close this ticket out as fixed. This driver supports hardware assisted VLANs.