Thank you for helping us maintain CNET’s great community. You are reporting the following post: When penetrated by the laser of the disc drive, the coating goes through a nontoxic chemical reaction that causes the dye to darken in color. Is there a money back guarantee? The paper labeling was my first thought, easy and fast I agree.

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DiscT 2 had been developed and released by Yamaha inbut unlike LightScribe technology, DiscT 2 only allowed people to burn a design to the unused part of the data side of a disc. Mike, a Windows 10 user, sent me this email…. Labeling a disc using Labelflash technology can only be done with a special Labelflash compatible disc drive and discs that have a special dye similar to that of LightScribe media. The paper labeling was my first thought, easy and fast I agree.

LightScribe vs. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

The images are written in concentric circles, starting from the center. But the relatives are not likely to have more than a mp3 disc player as the highest level of technology, so this is kightscribe best media choice for them.

Another significant factor to consider is the supported media. Also, most commercial disc burning suites will provide support for this technology and lots of templates for creating custom labels. What we all want is…. What is control wiring in a panel?


New Software The Premium version of the LightScribe Toolbox contains changes that make it even ea sier to install especially on computers running Windows Normal use vs abuse. Simple Question Are the hardware and discs proprietary?

I would have to use more than one computer then to make things go faster, the answer I was looking for. I will ruin some discs in the process Lightscribbe am sure, ligntscribe will find out what I want to know. Light Scribe vs Label Flash. We looked at all the offers available on Amazon and these packs seemed to offer the best value.

Previous versions of the LightScribe Toolbox have come with a comprehensive video tutorial and this did a great job it explaining how to use the basics of the LightScribe Labeling Software.

Light Scribe vs Gateways Label Flash??

The discs are blue in color and are only available in DVD formats. Unfortunately, most free disc burning lihgtscribe do not have features for using LightScribe. Tried and tested LightScribe Software that works. The number of companies using this technology is smaller though. Delivering the training in 10 bite-size tutorials allows you to review the section you need, giving you the results you want in the fastest time. That gateeway be great to cut the production time down.


What Is the LightScribe Control Panel? – Quora

Hateway stll just use a sharpie for most discs. Can you use Lightscribe discs with Labelflash burner and vice versa. Open it and go to the System Information tab. No one here has mentioned how Labelflash only works on DVDs.

Proffitt Forum moderator September 20, Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A beautiful whole-home WiFi system! As one might expect, there is no clear cut winner in this small technological Cold War.

They would rather say to buy one and return it in 30 days if I dont like it. One disc every now and then lightscribd 20 minutes perhaps, but for personal use I would still probably rather just write on the disk with a magic marker!

However, with the LightScribe Toolbox Premium, you get them all at no additional cost. Also no one gives you any maintenance tips. You bet… I get emails most days asking to re-download the software — The longest recently was 8 years after purchaseand that was no problem.