According to Sony, the is 22mm, the FW is mm it grows towards the edges of the screen. They are paying for return shipping. Traditional resolution changes are often unsynchronized They are sometimes interrupted into the middle of a refresh cycle, triggering a monitor into a mode change. I’m curious to know how good the response time is on that acer LCD. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. FreeSync worked on CRT too — tested by a few!

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There is some hope with recently developments by competing vendors on the lifespan issue.

CGTalk | Sgi 24″ Gdmw11 Sony Trinitron

They look better and will be chaper to produce. But I know what you’re after lovin’ my FW Now that’s a monitor!

Feb gdn, Posts: You can also buy two sweet 19″ monitors and run dualhead for the same or less dinero. I’m curious to know how good the response time is on that acer LCD. SixFootDuoAug 28, The user was using it like this for several days till I was able to install a new replacement, so it’s not horrible.


CRT FreeSync compatibility not ruled out 3.

This things so big to look at you find yourself stareing at it in awe, or atleast I do. I even had to help the ups man carry it up my apt stairs.

24″ SGI GDM-90W11 vs Fw900

Head of Blur Busters – BlurBusters. My 24″ sgi monitor was made in ? Community A place where you can find solutions and ask questions. You would also need a desk made out of an old woodstove just to hold them up.

Scott Tarr Ars Praefectus Tribus: Feb 5, Posts: If this is true, would a larger screen even make a difference? Yes, clour correctness is an issue.

The new VBI must be perfectly seamlessly spliced between refresh cycles. Nov 10, Posts: Tue Feb 19, But I do see some of these for sale, ie: Yea… I don;t know how people run with a single monitor. Firefox Download the latest version.

Blur Busters Forums • View topic – FreeSync worked on CRT too — tested by a few!

Sgi 24″ Gdmw11 Sony Trinitron Technical. Are there graphics cards that can even drive this baby at full rez x 32 x 85MHz or better?


List of FreeSync Monitors. Here’s a photo I took of a W silicon rebrand, model GDM 90W11 that was in storage in a lab right across the hall from my own: It’s either horizontal lines, or diagonal lines.

Not one penny comes out of me pocket. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Apr 8, Posts: Basically the older “dumb type” multisync CRTs that disrupted funny doesn’t blank during refresh rate changes; those are the ones that works well with FreeSync!