If you add a new item to RUIM card, you need to enter: If the keypad is unlocked, your phone display will show ‘ message! Dial-up to the network Page 12 Up key: Electric or static sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in serious injury or even fatalities. Page 64 your Phonebook. You can also send a message to any missed call.

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New Folder You can create new folder to save bookmark. Press key to view the message’s contents and then press again hiaer operate options. If the keypad is unlocked, your phone display will show ‘ message! Thanks for a superb service. Frequently Asked Questions faq You can get the user and password from your mobile phone service provider. Page 73 communicate with devices. To indicate that you are dialling a number, the word screen. The default setting is the vibrator mode. Page haire You can add two new group names to the phone.

Press key to enter the names list.

Haier DP Unlock

Essential information Given here is essential information that will help you in the optimum operation of your mobile phone. Is the default setup. Your phone number and registration information are stored in your RUIM card. The alarm can’t be used when the mobile is power off.


By selecting Outboxyou can erase messages from the outbox folder. For use when vibrate only is needed. Call end When a call has successfully ended either by you or because the call is droppedan alert will sound.


Standard bps v90 modem for windows Standard bps modem for windows XP 3. Once your cell phone will be unlock ed you will be able to use it with not just o Setting You can change some settings in this menu. Before accessing this option, you will be asked to enter lock code The default is When using your mobile phone there will be many times that you will need to input text e.

Allow you to send the message to the selected number. Plug the charger transformer into a standard outlet. In idle mode, press to access the names function. If you add a new item to the haieer memory, you need to enter one of the following: The use of other fittings may cause dangerous accidents and void all warranties. Without needing the machine to be with us.


Add a new windows standard modem driver, i. To view when it was dialled, call duration and the phone number who received it. Page dd1100p Next 3.

Haier D1100P User Manual: Metode Input

For details operations please refer to ‘Details Submenus’. When you have typed the first letter, ‘Abc’ will be changed to ‘abc’ automatically. When a profile is available, the icon corresponding to the profile name is displayed in idle mode: Trying to track down previous owners in the hope that they may have the code recorded tends to be a time consuming and often futile naier of action.

To continue, you must accept the License Agreement by clicking the button. Select any of the information and press d1100, allows you to access the following options: