Please appricated our work Donate Here: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Feb 9, 1: My unlock code is and Flash Code i have updated the firmware and update was successful but failing to write the unlock code. How can we stop the install of old version from flash? I suspect the missing tip is ‘upgrading the internal firmware’, which sadly can only be done from a Windows box.

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It worked great under Tiger, but I finally upgraded to Leopard and was wondering if anyone new where I could download a driver that allows it to run under Leopard. User profile for user: Have fun with Leopard, but back up everything, repair permissions before and after the upgrade, and remove programs that are known problems before doing your upgrade.

How-To: Connect HUAWEI E220 Modem with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. In the meantime, a few other people had pointed me huaweii this pagewhich also lists some of the udev tweaks that were later rendered obsolete. Secondly, you might want to try setting it to “3G only”. I suspect the missing tip is ‘upgrading the internal firmware’, which huawri can only be done from a Windows box. The Huawei E is a 7. This works if you’re staying in one place where the huaewi occasionally drops down to 2G, because on renegotiation, the Mac tends to lose connectivity for a minute or more.


They do work with the OSX and E, but you’ll have to figure out how to do it.

Huawei E220 and Macbook

guawei Around the end ofhis patch or a variant thereof was commonplace enough for E support to be commonplace — and the same applies to the E and E devices, which are mostly the same hardware.

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I am preferably looking for something for free, like vodacom’s? Also will I need to get any settings to get it to work on my network?

Could you please assist me in getting the codes as I can’t get the software to work. Please help me unlock my modem IMEI: Huawsi on Feb 8, 2: Please appricated our work Donate Here: Feb 17, 1: AND i can’t use the E unit???

When you get the drivers etc do this: And i used Card Driver nuawei. Hello, I’ve got Huawei E from Vodafone. Ok so if i have a Macbook Write down Unlock Code and Flash Code. My original suspicion since then validated by kernel 2.


Huawei E Dongle Driver / Firmware / Unlock / Specification

Please find your unlock code here IMEI: I’m happy to make a donation if I can get this working. Is there a way to sms from another phone to figure out what ur usage is?

Huawei E can be operated by any Huawei dashboardthere are different types and different version maf dashboard so kindly find your convent dashboard from our Huawei Dashboards Section.

Joined Jan 14, Messages 12, Firstly, download the latest Mac drivers – at the time of writing, the April revision. When I say “less”, I mean you might get away with one kernal panic per week.

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