I dunno what I messed up. Welcome to the ubuntu forums! Ambient Technologies Inc HaM controllerless modem rev 02 The ip address of the wireless router is not used. PHQ, thanks it worked a trea; first time and no problems.

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Unfortunately, I can’t seem to be able to get past the compiling stage on edgy. Have you tried just restarting your PC vgs the configuration file in-place and see if it works? I am currently at work and don’t have my system to check: Bunti, I’ve attached my rt The very first post by phq stated the included driver is broken.

Configuration failed Do you hv84501a an idea about what I can be missing?

Intel Phoenix BIOS IDs: Identify your Intel (OEM) Phoenix BIOS based motherboard • Wim’s BIOS

If after modprobe rt61 you see ra0 no wireless extensions. So, you might want to try the default kernel module that isn’t mentioned clearly in the directions. You bring it up with the command above. I use an autologin user that invokes wifi link management using wireless tools and another that runs a music player. I have solved my issue and now internet works perfectly. Maybe for some reason you don’t have read access to this directory?


BIOS ID Codes for Desktop Boards

When I follow the Howto I get to vba 8 then step 9 and then instead of completing step 10 I skip it and run the sudo ifup rap command.

Download the latest original Ralink RT61 drivers from: Let me know if you can think of anything. I can follow the target ring around the zone as the Mechamatic Guardian wanders. Allow the installer to update the DirectX components.

RAGE 128 PRO AGP 4X TMDS (Microsoft Corporation) Drivers

This is the 1st most important part, getting the right file. Getting cpuindex for acpiid 0x2 [ ALL of the notes.

Why is that happening? For more information, see interfaces 5. It worked with windows, but I suspect linux is alot more specific with its settings since support is still so low in this area.

Thanks a log for this effective howto. How would I do this upgrade? We need somebody who actually understands the problem to look into this.

Thank you so much, was really starting to miss ‘buntu. The first time it went through only one DHCP search and the second time six.

Video Controller (VGA Compatible) driver free download for windows – DHV – HVA

Techstop Yes here is my entire interfaces file auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp auto eth1 iface eth1 inet dhcp auto eth2 iface hv8451a inet dhcp auto ath0 iface ath0 inet dhcp auto wlan0 wlan0 inet dhcp iface ra0 inet dhcp wireless-essid b1test00 auto ra0 When I follow the Howto I get to step 8 then step 9 and then instead of completing step 10 I skip it and run the sudo ifup rap command.


You need to enter your country code, wireless mode, encryption key and so on. Not run D3D9 Test Result: Looks to be much the same instructions as found here; http: Scanning for PnP cards If I remove the network specific data from the rt61sta.

I did a bit of fiddling to see if I could get the thing working, but again, nothing. My problem seems to occur when compiling the module in step 2 Here is the output of my terminal hv4510a that step. However, you should first setup your Access Point see User Manual.