They were signed to Soul Records, a label that had employed various ex-Chiswick staff. Views Read Edit View history. In which countries, other than Britain, do Skrewdriver enjoy most support? He says “I hope this wouldn’t resurface because there will be people who won’t believe the explanation. Wikiquote has quotations related to:

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Although both Skrewdriver and the band Sham 69 had skinhead followings and racist fans early in their careers, Sham 69 denounced racism and performed at Rock Against Racism concerts.

No Remorse (band)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He’d been thinking about it for a while and after the gig he finally told Ian his decision. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was cooked up by a bunch of us, including the band’s then-management and bkrnley photographer Peter Kodik. Not to be confused with screwdriverScrewdriver musicianor Swervedriver.

Previously known as No Swastikas, the Redskins had now taken to dressing up as Skinheads and making all kinds of provocative remarks in the music press.

White Rider will be a hard rock L. The new opening were filled by Lionheart bassist “Smiley Jon”.


Skrewdriver – Wikipedia

The Diary of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Nobody. In band went through a line-up change and Ian filled the last vacancy to Scotty to pick up the sticks. The new version of the band played a leading role in the Rock Against Communism movement.

Nowadays he has been active for a number of years in the biker world in UK. Posted by Revenge at With Ross gone, Ian would have to reorganize the group.


Cross was sentenced to two years imprisonment in after hitting his neighbour with an axe. Wikiquote has quotations related to: After the ‘Cottbus six’ incident Ian managed to persuade Smiley John and Stigger to remain in the group, but for Drummer John it was too skrewdriger and he quit.

They were signed to Soul Records, a label that had employed various ex-Chiswick staff. Then the guy, singer, got more into the fascist thing and recrutied a whole new line up – but kept the name which is unfrotunate”. Roger Armstrong of Chiswick Records said:. Skrewdriver now comprised two Australians, two Englishmen and an Italian!

He had been with the band over four years and decided enough was enough. Grinny the drummer came from solid northern socialist stock Mark adds “There was no fascist or National Front element.



Interview with Skrewdriver

Recalling his with Skrewdriver in his book ‘Showbusiness’ he remembers Ian as ‘charm personified’ before dissassociating himself with the band’s future political leanings. Mark had known Phil from College and was keen to get into the music scene having burnlwy little success with his ormer band ‘Ridiculous and Jones’ that also featured Phil on guitar.

Donaldson died on 24 September following a car crash. Not so much in a one-party political role because as you know we have now left the NF.

Brother of Paul Burnley, John joined the band in In other projects Wikiquote. Views Read Edit View history.

Skrewdrivers’ line-up was going through regualr changes. Following the concert, Joe Rowan, singer of Nordic Thunder, was murdered at a gas station. The skinhead image was a — maybe in hindsight misconceived — fashion thing.