If I don’t get the right offer for The Bullet then I will no doubt be making the odd appearance back in her too, she was built to race, not to sit in a garage. The Motor is at Knight Engineering to be streched up to 7. Michael Barrett When I bought the Sunbeam in and returned to racing I had a very different ambition. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 I also feel the task that I set out to do has now been completed.

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Joss Ronchetti Talbot Sunbeam Lotus | CSCC special saloons 2… | Flickr

I also need to concentrate on work at PRO-Driver, as we are starting a rapid growth program. Browse cars for sale. Look forward to further news. I set out to see how quick we could really get a Sunbeam Lotus to lap.

Joss Ronchetti Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

Someone on here spotted it on a trailer, a week or so back. Looks like your going to have a lot of fun in the new car!!! Newer Post Older Post Home.

ARAF 20, posts months. Sunday, 27 January A message from Joss Ronchetti.

Yes any updates please post be good to follow this one. The ronchegti perhaps the bestronnchetti 7 races outright to take the series. Maybe it was when you picked it up. Other factors are family time, I have been doing 15 to 20 weekends every season, my wife Suzy and daughter Jett have loved the racing and have always supported me, but I feel it’s time now to do different things at koss with the family. Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 Good news to hear that someone bought her.


Seaman Motorsport of Norwich raised the 2. So its a goodbye from me being at a circuit somewhere most weekends in the racing season for the immediate future, but It’s certainly not for ever, I will still be popping up here and there, doing the odd shared drives, event days with PRO-Driver clients and trackdays. Joss Ronchetti posted a message onto Ten Tenths Motorsport Forum about his future, here is what he had to say.

In fact at one time I had completed over races and been on the podium in 80 of them, without as much as a scratch on the car. I think a forum trip to romchetti 1st race meet is in order to cheer on the ‘ro!

In the last 10 seasons with Phil and Mike Seaman and the PRO-Driver Team we have achieved way beyond what I set out to do, and what most sane people thought ronchtti impossible in a Sunbeam Lotus, both in lap times, results, and reliability. These amounst many other appearances on tracks all over the country. Sunbeam Talbot – Joss Ronchetti. A sad end to a great dice.

Ronchettti big Big thank you to all those great drivers I have competed against who all drove in a gentlemanly way. Harryoz 1, posts months. My accountants also strongly suggest I spend some more time and money on things like pensions and expansion rather my racing. When I raced before proo my ambition was to be a Touring Car Driver, I raced in Production Saloons and drove and behaved in that way on track.


Originally a rally car ,Joss started circuit racing with it in Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Here you go, 15th June. PH – Most memorable drives. This trio put on an exhilerating battle for the leadmph average laps before disaster struck when Baby Bertha found a box of neutrals and slid across the grass at Roberts and inadvertantly T-boned the Sunbeam into retirement.

With the aid of Pro-Driver vehicle logistics Jossthe MD of the grouptook in a busy race programe year after year. These last 10 seasons have been the best racing I have ever had, I have made so many great friends and had so many great races, door to door, at times exchanging places many times a lap.

I’m really pleased with it, it has all the right bits onit already, so not much development can be done, saving loads of money, as I have learnt from the Sunbeam development program over the last 8 years. But to be honest it just simply not as much fun, and never will be compared to the Bullet.