The focus range in macro mode is 5 – 70 cm at wide-angle and 40 – 70 cm at telephoto. Accesses longer exposure times, from 0. A heart icon appears on “favorite” images. In the diagram above, the squares show the original color, and the circles show the color that the camera captured. A third press cancels the display entirely. Turns the image stabilization function on or off for movies. Our standard shots required more exposure compensation than average.

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ISO [ larger ]. The Print at Home tab will help you print the images you select either by marking them on the camera or in the software.

There’s a ton of competition in this category, so the V has its work cut out for it. The focal range of the lens is 6.

Kodak EasyShare V Specs – CNET

It delivers a more neutral result. Here, the Kodak V did quite well. On this screen you can also view your photos in a slideshow, edit or rotate them see belowget exposure data, rotate them, burn them to a CD or DVD, or even upload them to Ofoto now known as Kodak EasyShare Gallery for printing.

The V comes in your choice of four colors — pink, red, black, and silver — while the V comes in only two: The only real manual control on the camera is the long time exposure, which lets you manually select a slow shutter speed. Kodak’s really made some good cameras in recent years, and this one competes quite well with other cameras in this class.


Shutter response Lag Time: The EasyShare V has an excellent movie mode. The Kodak EasyShare V employs a Multi-Pattern metering system, which bases the exposure on several light readings taken throughout the frame. Copies files from the internal memory to the SD card, or the reverse.

Kodak EasyShare V550 Digital Camera Review

Sets the period of inactivity before the LCD dims. Directly left of the Easyshard Mode button, this button enables Portrait mode, which sets up the camera for capturing good-looking portraits.

ISO images are very soft at 8×10, acceptable at 5×7, great at 4×6. The following menu items appear whenever the Menu button is pressed in any Record mode. Eqsyshare a quick comparison of two photos:. It automatically sizes the images for printing or emailing, stores copies, applies simple effects, and allows you to make image corrections, such as color, brightness, and contrast adjustments.

Dimensions W x H x Easyshage, excluding protrusions. Vibrant, appealing color Good skin tones Auto white balance handles a wide range of lighting well Better than average exposure accuracy Good lens, generally low distortion some chromatic aberration at wide settings though Excellent shutter response at wide angle settings Excellent camera styling with an all-metal body Very simple user interface, but more advanced exposure options also available Accurate LCD and EVF viewfinders Good low light capability But only in Night Landscape mode Good battery life with the LCD off Case design fits both large and small wasyshare well.

Digital Cameras – Kodak EasyShare V Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Of course it offers Multi-pattern that will obtain an excellent result in most kodal. See full set of test images with explanations See thumbnails of all test and gallery images. Just left of the Flash button, this button turns the camera on and off.


The V is a little smaller, as well. Free Photo Lessons Simple pro lighting and use tips let you snap stunning photos. The other important part of color rendition is hue accuracy. The V has a 2. Pictures were well-exposed, with saturated colors maybe a little too saturated at times and low noise and purple fringing levels. Designates the number of copies of the current image to be printed.

Enables a index display of images on the memory card or stored in the internal memory.

The V lets you copy images from the internal memory to a memory card, and vice versa. In addition to the 3x optical zoom, the Kodak V also offers as much as 4x digital zoom, which effectively increases the camera’s zoom range to a total of 12x.

The kidak above is designed to mimic the very harsh, contrasty effect of direct noonday sunlight, a very tough challenge for most digital cameras. It’s a matter of selecting the scene that is most similar to the scenery you find yourself in at that specific moment and the camera will do the rest. You can delete a photo immediately after taking it by pressing the delete button.