Not satisfied with those reviews? I would do without this choice problem, unless they did the same with the possibility of “audio in” to sample the voice samples. Each sound can be changed in real time, plus you can edit your own sounds and save them.. At the argus is around euros Please note, we do not do miracles on the small screen: There are many options for me with this.

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Both Combi and Sequencer modes share these effects instead and employ effects busses to decide which sounds get sent to which effects and the amount of effect applied to each. Here’s a synth sound with various real-time parameter tweaks. Pros Fun with a capital F but capable of serious results. This also applies to the internals that can use both arpeggiators within its arrangements.

At the argus is around euros With a total of effect types you will never run out of effects on the Korg Microstation. To supplement what has already been said I’m not a musician, but passionate at the base, I made the beats Rap on MPC and I was looking for a keyboard, with a wide range of sound, more changeable, to vary my instrument chorus, etc.

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When you’ve found the section you want to edit, a further click ‘right’ takes you into that area, with the editable parameters in each section again selectable up and down. This keyboard is small and compact, making it kor for the gigging musician or someone who travels a lot from studio to studio like I do.

There are many options for me with this. Each sound can be changed in real time, microsattion you can edit your own sounds and save them. A single sound can route a sound through all five inserts, both master effects and the total effect microstxtion you so desire. Switching from one instrument to another takes place via the function buttons on the right-hand side, while editing of parameters works as it does in the other edit modes – arrow down to choose parameters such as part level, pan and effects routing.


In fact, the basic sounds are pretty average overall, but with the 5 insert effects plus two master effects and the overall effect, you get something really good It manages to mkcrostation the divide between full-blown workstation and worthy addition to Korg’s micro range effortlessly and packs a feature set which is inspirational, creative and fun. I spent many days or nights with mcirostation, I lug around everywhere, it plugs in 3 minutes and it weighs less than a chicken I adore this piano from the bottom up, from right microstatoin left, up and wide in front as back, a jewelry quality Raport an amazing price!

Intuitive and immediate yet deep when required. Additionally, microStation features a Dynamic Modulation system, which enables you to assign specific effects parameters to real-time controls or MIDI controller numbers so that they can be affected using the controllers, the joystick or external devices.

Combine the two concepts and you end up with something pretty exciting – an instrument capable of producing tracks and editing sounds ‘internally’, while also offering immediacy and an intuitive approach without bogging the user down in endless menus.

Effects operate differently in each mode, with Program mode the least restricted.


The microStation is also packed full of more obviously ‘workstation’ sounds if dance music isn’t your thing. I has also some of the sounds present in the M3. To aid the process of sound selection and to introduce you to the capabilities of the real-time controls, each sound features its own Audition riff user-selectable from a huge list of alternatives which immediately gets it playing a sequence or phrase that can then be manipulated, which is a great place to start and often leads to interesting composition ideas too.


Sequencer 16 tracks high performancequantification realigned the soundloop microsttaion Appearance-wise, the microStation has a foot more firmly planted in the micro camp than it does in that of its workstation big brothers.

The microStation is a revelation and, in our opinion, a total success. Of course, I am very happy with this choice that opens new horizons for months, perhaps years to come The microStation’s presets are well chosen, offering a good balance between dance music sounds and more obviously ‘workstation’ tones such as pianos acoustic and electric microetation, guitars, basses and wind, brass and orchestral sounds.

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There are effects types, which are organised into five insert effects, two master effects and one ‘total’ effect. Micostation to the Audition button you’ll find the in-built arpeggiator. I take this opportunity to recommend this shop Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. One word of warning is that these encoders can jump suddenly if you need to use the same physical dial to control two parameters.