Feel free to ask for help too, or share your own discoveries. Integration is simply the act of adding an infinite series of values over time. Can you adapt the Segway program to re-use the PID strategy for another application such as line following? Hey, I got a few questions, hope you can answer me I need it for school: Both levers forward and the robot drives forward.

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Since the color sensor cannot tell which way is up, the robot must start perfectly balanced to begin withand then the program will try to maintain that balance position by trying to seek out the xnt reflected light reading that the color sensor had at the beginning of the program.

November 21, at Do you have any idea, leggo what might be going wrong with my robot? Xander reviewed the building instruction and tested the robot.

I use a program i created, but i have not figured how to put mindstlrms online. Hij gebruikt dan het principe van sturen om dit te corrigeren. Enter your average sensor value not the one you see here, but the one found in step 3 in the highlighted box, and delete the Calibrate Block.


NXT Segway with Rider

Hope this clears things up. This task does all the balancing work for you. Once I run the program I get this message: Hi Laurens, Thank you very much.

And what does your OwnBlock VarWait? Hello I am french very good idea this blog fine pleaseI buit witj try it ; OK ; but it goes always sewgay speed 5?? This version is not a line follower but you can create that by replacing the control loop with your own code that uses the light sensor to determine the steering setting. After I have entered in the Gyro Avg of does that even sound right?

Tutorial: Building an NXT Segway

Even unmodified code doesnt work. Update Nov 8, I run the downloaded file on BricxCC, compile and download just fine.

Maybe you can try this Segway project with a Light Sensor and a ready for download program. Recommended speed is between and October 4, at 1: Please see the usage policy.

Well Laurens this is amazing, worked right away with no problems. I would however recommend to translate from the RobotC code.

Tutorial: Building an NXT Segway – Robotsquare

October 4, at This is the same as extracting or unzip. How did you do? This means that the NXT reads a value between 0 anddepending on the sensor value.


Laurents thanks for all your help. In short I do not understand.

Tutorial: NXT Segway with NXT-G

At the end of the long beep, let go. The robot should now steer toward the edge of the line. Laurens and I discussed various aspects of the program which influenced some features such as how the gyro offset is maintained as well as the feature of allowing the user to select the wheel size at the beginning of the program.

July 19, at 9: Obviously, I have just had the same problem like Martin Buhelt above and you. You will also need to make the NXC compiler target the 2. Just follow the directions as described on that page.