Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. The HP laptop in question is widely condemned for miserable graphics performance. See below on the quest of the Neomagic registers related to the Zoomed Video. I will probably try and tweak it more in an attempt to get it to work, since it took some massaging to get the VGA cable to work. The result is a two external display setup. I have contacted Margi support with all of this information and will hopefully get a helpful response.

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Sounds good — the client wants to use the extended desktop features, so that won’t be an issue for him. Not that Windows ever experiences device conflict problems.

You can get into a real chicken-and-egg situation with video settings. I go the feeliing they had not done much work on driver development for some time based on what resolutions were supported. I thought the same thing, but I think it goes to the fact that it does support higher resolutions display-yo-go I am attempting to use just not the wide screen ratio.

dual-head PCMCIA videocard – Thinkpads Forum

These can be used for XP as well. All the files can be found here: Now where did I put display-yo-go DVI-in cable for my monitor A client of mine wants to do the multiple-monitor thing, but his laptop’s video card doesn’t support it.


I picked up one with MB because it was the same price. I’m happy to be the one who led you down the path to temptation.

MARGI Presenter-To-Go – BMSoftware

I’d probably order it through CDW — it’s the same two-week wait, but returns may be easier. Another client margu mine just got a Dell Latitude D Your Thinkpad running 98 or XP already supports two simultaneous displays. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. The monitor I bought http: You are logged in as. I have tried setting the colors down to 16 Bit the lowest it allows and there are no addtional resolutions available.

I think the client won’t be using the laptop display all the time, so maryi the big monitor the primary is critical. The settings may not have carried over from the analog driver.

These have been discontinued, but are available from e-bay. This is a simple square box on the black screen and I never even see the desktop.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have the extra complications of a widescreen display to disolay-to-go about. Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site.

There is virtually no detailed technical information about any NeoMagic chips besides the drivers. I will see if I can dig up the page and post a link. Bigger market, but it’s a niche product. Aside from any limitations of the card itself — they cited power and cooling issues — I would think that a PC Card running on the PCI bus isn’t going to compete with an AGP chipset anyway.


For two weeks we dlsplay-to-go to get both outputs working at the same time.

Multimonitor PCMCIA Video Cards for Laptops

Watch the refresh rate when you try Jarrod’s suggestion, because LCDs usually don’t work above 75 Hz. If you want to run 3D apps, the VTBook would trash the Margi card but neither could ever compete against a real video adapter.

Most notebooks, when closed, sense if an external display is attached through the built-in external video connector.

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MARGI Presenter-To-Go CF to VGA

I’ve contacted VillageTronic support about this several times, but they never responded. I have contacted Margi support with all of this information and will hopefully get a helpful response. I have tried maxivista and its a great cheap maargi, which I will use in the interim. Oh, I understand now — this is a widescreen LCD.