This rule verifies that the driver’s calls to certain synchronization functions are made only while normal kernel APC delivery is disabled. Do not set the members of this structure directly. The StorPortLogError routine notifies the port driver that an error occurred. Use these rules to verify that your driver correctly calls DDIs that are of particular interest to Storport virtual miniport VMiniport drivers. The StorPortInitilize routine initializes the port driver parameters and extension data. Specifies the maximum number of logical units per target the HBA can control.

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The Storport driver does not initialize the memory that this member points to. Set this member to zero if the miniport driver does not maintain per-SRB information for which it requires storage. If a miniport driver’s HwStorInterrupt routine cannot disable interrupts on the HBA, this member can be adjusted mifrosoft driver development to ensure that time spent in that miniport driver’s ISR does not degrade overall system performance. The rule applies only to physical StorPort miniports.

Storport Driver – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

A miniport driver’s HwStorUnitControl routine is called to perform synchronous operations to control the state of storage unit device. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. This rule verifies that KeSetEvent is not called twice on the same event object.


By default, the value of this member is 0x Specifies the bus-relative vector returned by the HBA. The maximum value for this member microsott Life Cycle of a Storport Driver.

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. If its HBA has more limited transfer support, a miniport driver must reset this member according to the Storoprt transfer capacity. StorPortInitilize also saves the adapter information provided from the miniport driver. By default, the value of this member is zero.

History of Storport

Collapse the table of content. The StorPortSynchronizeAccess routine provides synchronized access to a miniport driver’s device extension. Used to adjust the BusType of the adapter depending on its current configuration. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback.

In this case, miniport drivers must set this member to TRUE. The StorPortAllocatePool routine allocates a block of non-contiguous, non-paged pool memory.

It deallocates a range of noncached memory in the nonpaged portion of the system microslft space.

System reserved features are supported. The Storport driver makes no assumptions about the HBA’s interrupt usage, so the default value is zero. Specifies the maximum number of logical units per target the HBA can control.


Storport Idle Power Management.

Specifies the bus-relative interrupt request level. If the miniport fails to do this, it might severely degrade the performance of the adapter.

The StorPortGetVirtualAddress routine obtains a virtual address that maps to the indicated physical address. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUEbecause its miniport drivers must support auto-request sense.

History of Storport – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

The HwStorTracingEnabled callback routine enables the Storport to notify a miniport that event tracing is enabled. The miniport can log two general purpose ETW parameters. The StorPortBusy routine notifies the port driver that the adapter is currently busy, handling outstanding requests. The HwStorResetBus routine is called by the port driver to clear error conditions. The current system performance counter value is queried is returned by the StorPortQueryPerformanceCounter routine.